Friday, September 10, 2010

the "OFFICIAL THIRD" jersey (*yawn*)

the scoopiest dudes in the world over at icethetics have unveiled the flames' retro rbk edge OFFICIAL THIRD jersey for the 2010/2011 season. while it looks an awful lot like the sweaters that the boys wore for five games last year (you might remember my boy gio opening the team's scoring in this very shirt), it was absolutely NOT in any way to be considered the calgary flames' third jersey.

retro, yes.

throwback, yes.

vintage (looking), yes.

cup-era reminiscent, yes.

but THIRD JERSEY, nooooooooooooo..... (wrist-slap)

since i was schooled by the club's director of retail, brent gibbs, just over a year ago, i can now safely and confidently say that the jersey above IS, infact, the club's OFFICIAL THIRD JERSEY.

now, let's see if they decide to offer it in a ladies' cut.

[if yes, do i move forward with "MICKIS" ??? decisions, decisions....]

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awildermode said...

so, they are done with the 30th anniversary patch thing, right?