Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 reasons that the flames won't make the playoffs this year:


new this year: the organization designed, printed, and included playoff tickets in with the season tickets. presumeably this cuts down on mailing costs in the spring, but a stupidstitious girl like myself looks at it like a waste of paper. way to go.

2. if you take the correlation seriously, the latest surge by the stamps is baaaaaaad news for our beloved flames.

what can i say ? with training camp mere days away, now seems as good a time as any to start making fun of the guy that's been earmarked by corporate as the saviour of this squad. ie: he deserves to make this list.

let's hope i'm wrong.


shep said...


walkinvisible said...

i know that this ends in "ööööumlautumlaut" but i'm not sure why.....

can't wait for the season to start. let's get the crew all back together and start RANTING !!!


mikeH said...

The Stamps are having a great season so far. Barring injuries, I think their defense could carry them through. At least we'll know by November whether or not to keep watching Flames games or just downshift to following Mickis and the A-town Heat. Not to be confused with Mickis and the Å-töwn Heät, my favourite Swedish pop band.

awildermode said...

we got the Heritage Classic to look forward to.