Tuesday, September 21, 2010

brent catches the disease

brent sutter, on iggy, olli, and tangs (from the calgary herald):

"We need to be patient with this now," Flames coach Brent Sutter noted after the annual Red and White game. "We have the opportunity to allow that to happen. So why not? Let them try to work things out. Hopefully, at the start of the season, it'll be where we want it to be. But time's going to tell that. To be quite honest, they're going to tell that by their performance."

why do i feel that this particular darrylism actually means "we're effed" ?

in other news, i let out a massive sigh yesterday upon hearing that gio was paired with staios in the red v. white game (though, in truth, it will minimize the damage). kent also sent me a text that read "karlsson looks good."

..."in a hockey way, or a swede way ?" i replied.



mikeH said...


My question for Kent: Did Karlsson look good because he's actually good, or because he was playing against the oldest first line in the NHL?

awildermode said...

Does Harvey go through training camp?