Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flames are 3 - 0 !!!


yeah, i know it's exhibition and doesn't matter (that's what carey price says, anyways), here's what i'm excited about so far in the first three flames' games of the year:

- that gio is on a rampage that screams "contract year," the likes of which i'm not sure i've ever seen. two words for that ? bring it.

- that the flames beat the canucks twice in one night. this will probably never happen again and i'm really thankful it didn't go the other way. booyah.

- that henrik karlsson looks like a steal, thusfar. hopefully he can win a couple games. also ? he's swedish, so i'm excited about that in itself.

- the potential that kotalik is gonna prove us all wrong and be a menace. especially if he learns to play D and we can pair him with the aforementioned raging gio.

- that goals can, indeed, be scored.

i'm not getting ahead of myself ---i'm still not convinced this is a playoff team and if we go to battle with #27 in the lineup, i think we're hooped on the blueline.... but i'm slightly more optimistic than i was a week ago (unless we're talking about anything jokinen-related, of course).

i can't wait til games are effin' televised.
(how is it that the flames can stream the prospect tourney from penticton and not bother to give us any real preseason action online ??!?)

enjoy the last bits of summer. hockey (and winter) is around the corner....


shep said...

umm... have you forgotten the injuries to 22 and 18?

i think we're doomed.

walkinvisible said...

we don't need those guys, shep. darryl sutter has built a solid winner, ya know ?

mikeH said...

Did you see that your pal Jeremy Roenick (picture of me and Roenick) is going to be a judge for battle of the blades? PJ might be able to get (or give) some broadcasting pointers. My money is on Georges "Twinkle-toes" Laraque. Does he get extra points if he punches out his partner? With pick skates I bet they could have some lengthy brawls.

mikeH said...

Holy crap, maybe these guys listen to you once in a while:

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As usual, I am in awe of your power.