Sunday, January 3, 2010

monday randoms: it's official, i'm a total loser....

well, it's monday yet again and i've got a few tidbits of haphazard nonsense to share with you all. sit back, relax, enjoy the show.... ;)

- apparently dion went along on the two-game roadtrip with the team to nashville and minnesota but everybody's pal craig conroy did not.... this ultimately means that i was bang-on when i surmised that brent sutter's gigglefit with ms.campbell-pascale, during saturday's post-game, was based on phaneuf being pretty much a-okay. it also means that the rest of my post yesterday becomes a moot point. i bet dion doesn't miss a freakin' shift.... :(

- mikeH and i have made such a big deal about this whole swedish chef / organ music thing at the 'dome in the past few weeks that, with a little help from my parents (who pvr'd the nashville game dec 19), my bro (who has the right cables, a sweet macbook pro, and garageband) and the great apple corporation (who developped an extremely userfriendly movie-making program that even luddites like myself can figure out), i decided to go all-out with the following:

i'm quite proud of this, btw. thanks to all of the websites for allowing me to download their photos (even if they don't know about it), to tsn for broadcasting the game, and simmer & loubardias for yapping all the way through the audio. ohyeah, and superwickedthanks to WT (aka: deliciouscorn) for playing it....

- mikeH came up with one of my favorite one-liners of the year during the game on saturday: if the maple leafs get caught playing an extra player, do they get penalized for "too many mans on the ice" ???.... seriously ? there is no way to explain this other than effin' GEN.IUS.

- tuukka rask's helmet specially made for the winter classic is beyond amazing and (obviously) went over pretty well with the crowd in boston:

- a couple of updates on the flaming swede blogs: freddan explains how tough the schedule is around xmas, and how tough the conference is looking, and how tough it is not to be playing as well as he wants to... by the sounds of it, him and kronwall are now besties, and spent what little holiday time they had together with their families... it also sounds like if you stake out ikea's grocery area, you'll probably see one of the two sooner or later.... as for mikael backlund (aka: mickis heretofore) wishes us all a happy new year and talks a bit about his family being around over xmas.... it also sounds like someone (his mom ?) won the raffle at the heat xmas party and now mickis is hugely into rockband.... perhaps he's trying to get into the band "box play" ... anyhow. some good photos to check out of mickis' family, ladyfriend (?), and supremely barren abbotsford apartment.... maybe he's a minimalist like me, but more likely he just has no furniture.... it also appears that he's no longer driving the gold honda pilot with alberta plates, and has moved onto a gold beamer with bc plates..... ;)

- flames' superskills went on yesterday and here are your winners:
  • jarome iginla wins the hardest shot 102.3 mph
  • staffan kronwall wins target practice (accuracy) 4 in 5 shots
  • robyn regehr goes 2/2 on the breakaway challenge for the win
  • freddie sjöström takes the title of fastest skater, beating my boy gio by a half second... the incumbant (glenX) did not skate...
- i was in hockey experts today at the ol' deerfoot mall and saw this little gem in a sea of phaneufs, langkows, iginlas, and kiprusoffs:

poor, lonely last #19 jersey.... fyi: if you're interested, it's a measly $89.99. that's a total bargoon (the surrounding named and numbered jerseys are a full hundred bucks more).... ;)

- my cousin, a montreal fan, was in town yesterday and when we started talking about hockey, he immediately jumped on "the best thing the habs did last summer was letting kovalev go."
"you mean the guy who scored four goals last night and did the moonwalk when he was announced as first star ?" i replied [see it here at 1:44]... after a moment of dejected silence, my cuz said "uh. yeah, that guy...." ;)

i guess that's it for this week, happy new year n' all that.


robert cleave said...

I think the young miss in the Backlund pictures is his older sister, wi, if I've read his previous entries correctly.

I don't think the bork, bork, bork stuff is gonna go anywhere, unfortunately, and that's no fault of yours. I'm just watching from afar, but I don't get the feeling that the Flames' average STH is your ideal target audience. Of course, if they ran your photo montage, that might help a few of the patrons make the connection ;-)

walkinvisible said...

my photo montage is effin' incredible. probably the best thing i've ever produced.

the lady could be the sister but they don't appear to have any similar features (aside from the forsberg eyes).... so you're sayin' i still have a shot ?

mikeH said...

Very cool. You know I love the swedish chef, and I think you might have a future career in editing. Its too bad we didn't hear it played on NYE, I was primed and ready to go.

deliciouscorn said...

Happy to oblige!

Too bad I wasn't playing at the game when he got the hat trick! (The Flames don't bring their own organists on the road for some reason...)

I'm playing the Dome on Jan. 13 and 15, so keep at least one ear open on those dates...

walkinvisible said...

mikeH and i were at the juniors game and heard it live for gabriel bourque. it was unexpected and awesome.... we also heard it during the leafs game (from the comfort of my living room). hey, even if it doesn't "go anywhere" (as RC says above), it's a pretty funny alternate to the addams family.

if i hit either game 13 or 15 (my dad's got seasons), i'll try to pop up by the remax sign there and say hi.



mikeH said...

No doubt, hearing it at the juniors game was killer. WI taps me on the shoulder and the next thing you know we have a full chorus of "Bork, Bork, Bork" and some puzzled stares.

Personally, I think it would be an even better replacement for, "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah". I mean, Allan Sherman was dead before I was even born. Do the kids even know that song anymore?

mikeH said...

Go here: Calgary Herald Flames Mid-season Grades

Click on the defense and Gio. Great action shot with full tongue. And of course they are showing the love ("A").

WhereMommaKeepsTheCookies said...

Backlund, what a terrible year he's having. I have seen him play live a number of times this year for the Heat...I sure he gets acclimated to pro hockey soon. So skilled...

also, nice little Ryan Howse article at School Your Pool today: