Monday, January 25, 2010

monday randoms: is it february yet ?!?

i'm feeling rather lackluster and uninspired today but since it's monday (and it's not like i have anything better to do), here's what i've got for you today.

-if the flames pull another one-and-done season (or, alternately, don't make the playoffs at all), i look forward to the "playing injured" excuses we'll get out of calgary flames HQ. here's what we know:
  • conroy and sarich both spent some time on the shelf and neither are presumeably 100%.
  • glenX didn't skate in the superskills because he wanted to rest his lower body
  • lundmark skipped drills yesterday to nurse a shoulder ailment
-i've been doing some thinking about pro hockey team name grammar. yeah, you heard me. i'm JUST that bored right now... ;) anyhow, the whole conundrum was obviously spurned by mikeH's "too many mans on the ice" joke from a few weeks ago when the flames played the here's my theory: if you can justify that "toronto maple leafs" is grammatically okay because one player is a "toronto maple leaf" and it's a proper name, then the group (ie: team) can be "leafs". [perhaps this would make more sense if i gave in and used caps but it simply ain't gonna happen ;) ] unfortunately, the methodology is flawed and the reasonning doesn't work in reverse.... for example: by using the same linguistic regultions, the "calgary hitmen" should be the "calgary hitmans." where toronto journalists might start sentences with "maple leaf, matt stajan....," i'm pretty sure that calgary writer-types avoid falling into the trap of saying "hitman, tyler fiddler....." in its place would always be some reference to the team such as, "hitmen forward, tyler fiddler....." or whatnot.

-my buddy sjc turned up the other day to watch a game with a gem in-hand: a hard cover flames yearbook from 1982 called "fire and ice." i don't think i can quite describe the level of awesome that is contained within the glossy pages but i'll scan and post things now and then to remind you of its existence. there are a lot of moustaches and bucket-helmets (think: kent nilsson) but by far my favorite photo is of willi plett (left) and bill clement. soooo amazing.... also pure, unadulterated radness is, of course, is the rarely discussed fact that willi plett spelled his first name like that.

- tonight is jim peplinski bobblehead night at the 'dome. if i was going, then i'd get there early to pick one up and my chris drury bobblehead would be challenged for his current position as xmas tree topper. fyi: my tree's still up. if it makes it into february i might consider leaving it up all year. ;)

-see how far i got without discussing the current flames squad (y'know, the one that can't score) ? i think i did pretty well considering..... ;) mikeH and i attended the game v. chicago on thursday [fyi: it's always nice to see kent, even if mike & i weren't sober and probably ranted about nothing] and it was hardly the fun-fest of a normal draw at the 'dome. for a team that was hell-bent on coming out hard, the flames were hugely uninspired and waaaay average. if the 'hawks had responded full-throttle i think it could've been a blowout in their favour, but both teams really looked disinterested. it was as though 19,289 people showed up and interrupted the players' movie night....

-speaking of saddledome capacity ----the flames often refer to the consecutive sellouts but here's the thing: i'm 100% sure that's totally bogus. in the section that my dad's season tickets are located, there are two single seats one row apart that are often sold as a pair for big-name matchups (like pittsburgh or washington or montreal). when calgary plays, say, nashville or st.louis, those seats are empty. as in: not sold. as in: available for purchase at gametime. as in: how is it a "sellout" when there are available tickets ?? now THERE's a question i should've asked ken king at the fan forum.... :)

-in totally unrelated to hockey news, my friends' band (motion city soundtrack) released their fourth album last week and it's KICKASS. have a listen !!! maybe you'll love them..... you can buy their stuff on itunes, just fyi (dooo iiiitttt).... ;)

-what would a "monday randoms" post be without at least a MENTION of giordano ??! ;) in addition to being the blaze magazine coverboy on thursday (scan to follow at some point, i'm sure), there were a couple of comments from fellow bloggers this week that made me laugh. i noticed today that the link to htp over on the 4th line blog has the hilariously accurate tagline "general flamesness & giordano love." thanks for that, it's wicked. i've added you to the blogroll at right as well.... and over at m&g, responding to my description of the multiple dreams i've had lately about mikael backlund (i blame neo citran!), colinS wrote "now, now, wi..... you can't have your backlund and eat your giordano too." ;) i am STILL laughing at that one....

i guess that's about all i can think of for the moment.... tonight's game reminds me of the flames/blues matchup i attended in st.lou in november, and how heartbreaking the dude in the pronger jersey (who sat infront of me) looked when he described how badly his team needed a win. his eyes moist, his voice beseeching my beloved flames to take pity and lose..... ahhhh, i understand that pleading and sorrow, now.... *sigh

hopefully we'll have a win to talk about between now and next monday (hell, let's hope we've got a FEW !!!).... :) have a great week !!!


mikeH said...

At the risk of spilling molasses all over the floor, can I just say that I love this stuff you write? We could go on all day about whether some Flamer has a hangnail that is affecting his ES Corsi/60toi, measured as a ratio to his salary, compared to a similar set of players around the league, but really, where's the FUN? Making fun of the Leafs, reviewing hockey hair fashions of the ages and debunking the Flames sell-out myth are topics I can get behind.

On the last issue first: When I went down to purchase a ticket to the Flames vs. Oilers, New Year's Eve game, I expected it to be difficult to find a seat. Imagine my surprise, when the ticket agent started walking me through almost EVERY SECTION, listing single ticket options. One of the most popular rivalries in all of hockey, on a "weekend" night, and definitely NOT a "sellout".

I might have to track you down for the game tonight, I'd like to hear you cry for a win a la that poor sap in the Lou. Oh, and I had a brainstorm for the nerdiest Flames blog entry ever, inspired by the debate over global warming. I plan to work that up over the next couple of days and once again air out my blogger pants.

walkinvisible said...


is it ridiculous or REALLY ridiculous that we pat each other on the back for how rad we are at blogging when it's largely just regurgitation of what we yap about when we see each other ?

anyhow, i'm heading out for dinner and a pint with charlestown chiefs. i presume i'll be home by gametime but who knows. anyhow, you'll be sidetracked feeding lizards anyways.

mikeH said...

REALLY ridiculous. But in our defense, some of your stuff here is fresh even to me (Willi? Really?), its different on the page, and its VERY different when we're not wasted on heroin beers and Burt Reynolds shots.

I'd like to think that you are also collecting evidence of our conversations for future reflection and discussion among ourselves and hopefully the greater Flames community. No doubt that part is a pure ego stroke, but you can Havlat.

walkinvisible said...

that guy is legend.
maybe if they ever make the ladies' cut retro throwback (aka: 3rd) i'll get a #25. too bad the wicked part is his first name, not his last....

freddan's still the frontrunner in that regard, however i kinda doubt that he'll wear the flaming C for longer than his two contracted seasons (if that long). i still like to refer to it as my sjöström jersey. or the iginloob. even though i'll never get either....

Unknown said...

Lackluster! Uninspired! What is a mother to think? Hope you get over that darned cold - it's been long enough, Toots!

I also like what you (youse)write and am looking forward to Mike's next blog here.

Hope the Embers wrack up a win...finally. Enough of this loss stuff. As a fair weather fan, I for one, need it.

Re the seat issue - I wonder if Don bought the third seat as he was blackmailed to do by the Flames office, or if he is moving (which was the other choice.) We'd be next on the list, I guess, as the row has only 5 seats.

Enough. Gio, Gio, Gio! Caps for All! Go Embers, Go!

A Z R said...