Friday, January 29, 2010

waivers and my team

this is gonna just be a short one and has nothing to do with the post below, technically.

if there is, infact, a trade in short order then i have to wonder if daz will tack on my best boy freddan to the outgoing package. with the number of days he's spent in the pressbox (ie: lots) plus the number of minutes he spends on the ice in-game (ie: not lots) then methinks his roster spot might better be designated to another younger swedish forward.... one with slightly better hands and a helluva lot more nhl goals per games played....

plus, as mikeH said regarding my theory, "we're heavy on the swedes." ;)

i don't understand waivers at all but i've heard that if we demote lundmark again, he's got to clear'em before making his way back to abby. so he stays. conny is, presumeably, due back soon which means we'll have to demote backlund. will we want to do that, after last night's showing ?? probably not.... but any other player we send to the farm would be waiver eligable.... ergo: sending freddan back to the eastern conference means we aren't liable to pay half his contract for none of his play .

his minimal cap hit, good PK skills & speed would make him a nice little pickup for another team (perhaps one he's already played with)... this would mean that if the flames ever decided to release a women's cut retro throwback jersey i'd be forced to letter it with mickis' surname.

that's all for now.

oh, except for this little bit of nothingness:

god bless gio. i wanna make tshirts.
.....and so do these guys, apparently: check out the gio-for-captain thread over at CP. thanks to mikeH for the h/t.


mikeH said...

Oh no! :O I've been outed for reading CP!

At least its just Gio fan love and not repeating trade rumours from the forum.

Arik said...

Well, Gio's certainly played with more effort and heart than Iggy, or, hell, anyone not named Kiprusoff this year.

robert cleave said...

The Flames won't have to demote any one until all three of Moss, Dawes and Conroy come of IR. They currently only have 21 healthy people on the roster including Backlund. When everyone's healthy, then I think things will shake loose, although if they make a trade for a proper forward the kid might be sent back down. I do think your boy Freddan is likely in a bit of a pickle and Sarich might be as well, after being HSed in Dallas and not exactly tearing it up in Phoenix. As for Lundmark, unless there's a massive shake up, his permanent roster spot was pretty much cemented when they send down Kronwall.

Unknown said...

I am quickly falling desperately in live with said hero. Jeepers. Mark Salling who?

Goad said...

All you're doing is rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.