Sunday, January 31, 2010

my spidey sense.... ?

well there you go, kids. dion to toronto with freddan and (*sniff) keith aulie. i'm a bit bummed about the last one but i'll get over it.

hagman, stajan, mayers & white to calgary. shize. i hope daz ain't done.

the flames look more like the leafs than ever, and thank god i wrote that post cause dang if nhlnumbers ain't being innundated right now and totally unresponsive.


Steal Thunder said...

Just got back from vacation and the first thing I hear is about this trade from five Leaf fans in about ten minutes... still trying to wrap my head around it... may have to start posting again just because of this... ;D

PS: Totally understand the link removal, I'll let you know when I start up again, as the last six months of my life have been a little crazy trying to do too many things at once... As some things start to wind down, I'll probably start posting again leading into the stretch run, but yeah, I'll be sure to let you know... cheers! :D

Justin A said...

Good call on the post below, wi. As far as the trade goes, I know what you think. I hope that the guys we got can do what we are expecting of them.