Saturday, January 2, 2010

flames v. buds: odds n' ends

my bestie from australia is here in town and the other night she relayed a story about how she found a macgyver box set at one of her friends' places (or was it her sister's ? i forget.... no matter) and was rolling on the floor when she discovered that the handiest of 80's sleuths was actually a big ol' flames fan:

obviously this photo is hard to beat among "best ever flames' pics," although we certainly did our damndest; after a boat load of those heroin pints, we rang in the new year with harvey in his tux and tails.... could we look any happier ???

in examining this photo, i noticed that harvey has two sets of eyebrows: one inside his googly eyeballs, and the other above... weird. anyhow. the new year's tilt was (as always) a hoot and we won it on what i believed to be a giordano goal (which made it that much more awesomer)... ;) of course, it ACTUALLY tipped in off of glenX but since i didn't find that out until much much later, i was the goof walkin' around the sutterdome post-game, pointing at the name on the back of my own jersey, crediting #5 for the GWG.... *shakes head* .... i'm an absolute loser for that guy. ;)

tonight's matchup against the godawful leafs actually has me running a bit scared. the flames RARELY play well against the buds for some reason, and it's an early game to boot. will the olympically ignored flames 3-D play all-out so that don cherry can bash stevie Y for his choices during the first intermission ? or will they come out flat to prove his Y-ness right ???

ps: did anyone catch the US olympic team announcement yesterday ? i refer specifically to the part where the fans at fenway boo'd phil kessel and the camera caught ol' burkey shaking his head in disgust.... it was pure awesomeness.... leave it to the yanks to boo their own friggin' olympic team... [mind you, i was TOTALLY prepared to hear boos after the announcement of dany heatley's name the other day]. i suppose that proves that canadians are classier fans. either that or it just proves that once you get a hockey game and a beer or three into people, they'll boo anything. ;)


RobWoolley said...

Funny thing, we did watch the team USA announcement and I thought I was losing my shit, who boos their national team? Yeah, the leafs stink but that's not Kessel's fault. Brutal.
More importantly, did anyone pick up on the snubs? Mike Modano not being there was a shock. Burke might have outsmarted everyone with his lineup, all young and speedy guys. I hope StevieY is paying attention.

walkinvisible said...

i'm not sure why they boo'd exactly. toronto gave up three high draft picks for that guy, and (by the looks of things) they could be HIGH draft picks.... boston fans should be THANKING him....

young and speedy wins the race.

ps: nice to see you, brother.

Anonymous said...

MacGyver was always a big ol' Flames fan in the 80s and 90s. I remember seeing his mug on TV at the Saddledome in the Ed Whalen days.

They don't call the mullet "hockey hair" for nothing.

awildermode said...

MacGyver is the other reason I became a Flames fan.