Wednesday, November 4, 2009

st.lou day 1: toasted !!!

i'm not sure how much i'm gonna write whilst away in the show me state, but i've got a quick one for the masses.... so, my buddy jason is (almost) as nerdy as me when it comes to hockey so he was totally fine with watching the flames v. dallas game online and then we played some ea sports nhl10. he hadn't played much and i'm a kind of "wing it" on the controller kinda chick, so it was pretty even. tied at 3 after regulation, OT, and the first round through the entire team in the shootout.

midway thru the second full round of players, totally improvised and incredibly awesome, THIS happened:

in other news, i ate toasted ravioli tonight... apparently it's a normal thing here but i'd never heard of it. yum !!!

also ?
congrats cumac (aka: backelhinney) on the win !!!! it was ugly and undeserved, but really good to see nonetheless...

see ya in the lou tomorrow, boys !!!!!


awildermode said...

glad you are spreading "BackElhinney"

how do you make video of NHL10?

walkinvisible said...


apparently, just after the goal/play into "replay editor" set place markers (start/stop), then on xbox you hit B (save) and then upload to EA servers,

you have to have an EA account. then you can check it online.

i, obviously, am not smart enough to do this on my own but my peeps are geniuses. :P

did you get the freakin' book or what ?!?! we got the $$.

awildermode said...

i should get the book today. you will be the first to know.

good to know that the $ got there. enjoy the game tonight. i will look for you on tv.

oh, there are some goofy pics of me watching the game last night on fb

DCoch said...

Toasted Ravioli sounds really good. Almost worth a trip down there just to give it a try...