Tuesday, November 10, 2009

jersey debacle pt5: rebuttal

my latest letter --a rebuttal to the flames' director of retail's response to the ken king email. i honestly see this situation going nowhere fast, but here's to one last kick at the can:

I thank you kindly for your response, and i apologize for wasting your time on such trivialities but please understand that this "issue" is actually quite an enormous deal to me, especially after discovering that Calgary is (surprisingly!) one of the few NHL clubs that doesn't offer its' female fans the team's Alternate jersey.

The Heritage Sweater, while totally unoffensive and quite design-friendly, does not allow for lettering on the back (which is largely why i've been chomping at the bit for over a year in anticipation of the Flames' Third jersey).

Am I correct in understanding, from your email, that there is currently an overstock of the ladies' Home jerseys (both with screened and crested logos), and the desire to 'unload' them is the main reason for not ordering the Third jersey in a womens' cut ? ie: if a customer wants a womens' cut flaming C JERSEY, the organization would prefer them to either leave with the Home model, or walk out empty-handed ? In my limited research of sales at the fanattic and jersey city (among other apparel-selling retailers), the womens' cut Home jersey does quite well, sales-wise, so not ordering the Third seems short-sighted from my vantage point (especially in a jersey-obsessed market like calgary as it closes in on the christmas sales season). Isn't the whole point of designing and marketing third jerseys simply to sell more jerseys ??? Admittedly, i don't have all of the information/numbers on the subject, which is why i'm surely annoying the heck out of you.

Ultimately, my original query still stands: will these EVER be available for purchase ?

Again, I thank you for your time --



awildermode said...

^^^uh...what the f*ck is that? ^^^

walkinvisible said...

i'm really, really, really not sure.