Thursday, November 19, 2009

flames v. hawks: NEWSFLASH !!!

i'm at work in the midst of a meeting as we speak.... ie: this will be devastatingly short.

i feel kinda bad that there will be little-to-no hoopla about this announcement, but good friend and sometimes commenter, mikeH, will be joining the hitthepost fold since he's suitably funny and likes the flames (and over on this site that's MORE than ample in the way of credentials....).

i'm sure duncan will be thrilled to have a collegue who also uses capital letters and proper punctuation.... ;)

so mikeH went to some ken king speechy q&a thing today and emailed me a shitload of notes, to which i said "jeez, man.... post that drivel YOURSELF." ipso facto: welcome to the team, mikeH !!!!

as for the game tonight, the 'hawks have been like water to the flames in the past year or so, and i expect a good match (if not two points)... a little tidbit of insider information came to me a few days ago stating that our good pal robyn regehr has been playing with quite the bum elbow for a couple of weeks.... it's the right one. let's see if it's bugging him during play, shall we ?

go flames GO !!!

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