Friday, November 6, 2009

jersey debacle pt4: response

it seems as though duncan might have been right when he suggested that ken king reads and responds to all emails.... :) at the very least, the flames' president skims and then forwards his emails to the relevant employee, who then takes the time to thoughtfully reply.

apparently the appropriate dude chez les flambés, regarding the jersey debacle, is brent gibbs (director of retail). was i aware that there WAS a director of retail ? no... but i am now, and i guess he's the guy who has all the answers.

"...During the 2007 – 2008 season, Reebok introduced a Team Colour replica ladies-cut jersey with screened front and shoulder logos when the new Edge Uniform System was launched. They improved this jersey last season by offering the same cut but added actual crests for the logos on the jersey. We currently sell this version of the Ladies Home jersey for $89.99 and also have the screened version on sale.

"When we launched our plans to wear the Vintage jersey for five games, we still had a lot of inventory of the current Home jersey and made a decision not to order any Vintage jerseys in the Ladies style. Instead of this, we ordered a ladies-cut Heritage sweater to provide another exciting option for our female fans."

how do i feel about this response ? pretty much how gio feels about whatever he's looking at in the photo below... ;)

first of all, i would like to find out what "a lot of inventory of the current home jersey" actually means (in the previous paragraph, mr.gibbs describes how they initially stocked the screen-printed flaming C jerseys, and have recently ordered the crested Cs.... therefore there is probably an overstock of ladies' home jerseys). i would also like to find out that, if this is actually the case, why the fan attic in northhill mall (possibly among others, including jersey cities etc.etc. ??) purports to have trouble keeping them in stock....

ie: it sounds to me like the flames want to push the ladies into buying the overstocked home jerseys and therefore didn't offer a jersey alternative. possibly anticipating this very grievance, they ordered the heritage sweaters in the vintage design. smart, though it seems lacking in foresight when you consider the additional dollars available in lettering/numbering a jersey over this little knit number....

it also seems lacking in awareness, now that it seems most of the other 29 nhl teams offer their third jersey in a women's cut (just not for order on additional to philly and pittsburgh, which i mentionned in the initial post, you can get vancouver, san jose, montreal, edmonton, buffalo, minnesota: some of which are far smaller hockey markets than calgary.

i would also like to find out if mr.gibbs is in charge of flames' items for the fanattic, for calgary, for canada, for the nhl, or exactly for what. i wonder if he's the guy with the final say, or if he's just the local dude.

i will be consulting my buddy blaine when i get back to the motherland to see how it's selling....

i will wait until next week to respond to the email, so if you guys have any comments/suggestions on what to tell mr.gibbs, i'd be more than happy to hear 'em....



Unknown said...

Funny - the Government of Alberta works the same way - sends the complaint or comment to an underling for response. Goota love bureaucracies!

Goad said...

This is completely off topic from the jersey debate but since it is the most recent post my comment falls here. I know W.I. is on tour and that flamer negativity rarely graces these pixels but I am suprised at the absence of mention of the H1N1 queue jumping fiasco.

This issue probably isn't making the papers in Missourri but it has created a firestorm of controversy in the homeland. I am interested in the author's take on this subject as our undieing fanatical support of our respective teams has a tendancy to cloud our judgement. All I can say is I am so glad that my team was too complacent to become the focal point of such a debate, forcing me to defend or forsake my organisation.

I look forward to some kind of acknowledgement in these "pages" in he future

walkinvisible said...

it's kindof past it's relevancy date so i opted to skip it, but my initial thoughts are posted over at m&g .

essentially my opinion is that on the day the flames went to get their shots, it was being offered to anyone with an alberta health card. there was no preferential treatment to "high risk" groups (such as pregnant women and young children), so i think they were only guilty of queue jumping.

while i'm quite certain they knew there were huge public lineups for the shot, the players were offered a private clinic. why would they NOT take the opportunity ?!?! i honestly think that the organization was doing its due diligence by requesting a private session (protecting their 55 million in investments), and it was ultimately alberta health's responsiblity to tell them to fuck off (which they did not).

ps: i'm thinking i'm gonna take you up on your offer... we shall discuss upon my return (ie: this week) ? xx

Goad said...

Since people were losing their jobs over this up untill yesterday I think it's still relevant.

Although no one can blame the flames players, their families, management, training staff, coaches, and front office staff for taking the opportunity to get the vaccine, it does appear elitist and exclusionary to the outside observer after the fact.

Blame can be laid with the Abbotsford Heat on the other hand. Unlike the flames situation, a priority system for H1N1 vaccine distribution did exist in BC. It was only when the Abby heat's team doctor declared the majority of the players high risk that they were eligible. This status has since been rescinded.

It is hard to believe that there was no edict passed from the parent club to Abby, mandating they get the shot.

walkinvisible said...

it does appear elitist and exclusionary to the outside observer after the fact.

but.... does it really ??? nhl teams get "special" treatment all the time. entry to concerts, free stuff etc. etc. etc. to have a private vaccination clinic for them might have just seemed normal, especially considering the havoc they would have caused by lining up in the public clinics.

again, the day they got their shots, the vaccine was available to EVERYONE. no preferential treatment whatsoever in that sense.

i know nothing of the abby sitch. i'll be home later today and i'll have a look... link me up if you know some stuff...

Mike H. said...

So on a completely different topic, I'm hoping that one of your superstitions is working in the Flames' favour. The Stamps shat the bed again yesterday, in general are looking pretty inconsistent, and very little about their play makes me think the cup is going to be hanging around Calgary past the end of November.

Which means of course, by your always perfect logic, that the door is open for the Flames to have a spectacular season and post-season.

Of course, I may be grasping at silver linings after losing a 26 of Crown Royal on the season series to a dirty rider fan.

RobWoolley said...

Dear Mr. Gibbs,

If you do not bring forth the ladies cut jersey in manner other than 'timely' I will be forced to convert my faithful legion of follower into Oilers fans.