Monday, November 30, 2009

monday randoms: into december....!

another week of monday randoms and we'll be into december. god, that's frightening.... :) without further ado, here are the thoroughly unimportant things rolling around in my grey matter.
  • you really gotta give it to those 'rider fans.... on their way east on highway #1 at 9am, i passed a green minivan with saskatchewan plates. the passengers looked fairly hungover and hugely disappointed, and freshly decalled on the back windshield were the words "THE 13th VAN." way to take a kick in the groin with dignity, friends...
***UPDATE: it's now becoming clear that 'rider fans refer to themselves (ie: the crowd) as the 13th man.... ohhhh, jeeeez... damian durant was even quoted on friday as saying "I hope to see a home game and green throughout,'' said Durant. "I want our 13th man to be present. It's huge for us to have this game here because this is Rider Nation Part Two.'' i hope there's a lot of room for tongue in those cheeks cause that nickname just received a whole new significance.... i guess that explains how the drunk travellers from the city that rhymes with fun managed to decal their vehicle so effin' quickly !!!! i guess they're gonna have to re-name the fans "the 14th man." ahhhhh, damn you poetic justice !!!
  • the grade eight style rubber sparkly bracelets finally all made it to my left wrist after the win in detroit on friday night. the first one is already back on the right wrist after the victory in columbus.... if you have no idea what i'm talking about, that's probably best. if you're curious, it looks a little something like this:

  • i am a complete and total loser. most of you already knew this
  • i'm still thinking about trying to hook up a blogger meet-up over the xmas season. i'm totally open to dates and games but i'm thinkin' that december 23rd v. the blues looks kinda decent.... monday, december 28th v. the oilers looks like a fantastic opportunity, being that the game is in edmonton, but it's currently not televised. thoughts ? if there's interest, we could go to flames central or the like. if there's no interest then i bet mikeH and i will just watch it from one of our sofas, like usual.... ;)
  • while i REALLY like the resilience the flames showed in their comeback against the redwings and the jackets, i really DON'T like the way they tend to give up two goals for the price of one, these days...
  • jamie lundmark pretty much lost a game for us last week by sending an errant pass out of the corner onto the stick of the opposition (if only i could remember what team that was). i guess he felt bad about it cause he pretty much WON a game for us in the shootout on saturday.... ;)
  • for those of you following along at home, theoren fleury's book has (apparently, according to #14) sold 75,000 copies. also ? he's taking acting lessons. insert your own joke here.
  • if i liked pat quinn at all, i'd probably feel bad for him by now..... just when you think the oilers couldn't get any worse, comrie gets mono, hemsky tears his labrum, khabibooboo's contract is already looking ridiculous (havlat, anyone ?), and pisani's back on the shelf with his gut issues... the best part ? tambellini hasn't done a goddamn thing about it.
  • has their xmas gift spree on. my favorite was the video for the jerseys: they talk alot about the "authentic" jerseys, and the "premiere" jerseys but (even though the little giggling girlish tart is wearing one) they never mention the "ice flirt" by name. i wonder why ??!? ;)
  • has anyone else noticed that pocketdawes has been on FIRE since receiving his new nickname ? ;)
  • last, but certainly not least, congratulations to the entire calgary flames organization for bringing the team to top spot in the NW; two points and two games in hand over the avs. we're also tied for second in the conference, though chicago's holding two wins against us for a stronghold on that position. five points behind the sharks with three games in hand means that if the flames can continue a string of victories, we could feasibly take top spot in the league by xmas....
okay that's it for now. back to work....
have an awesome week, everyone !!!!


Unknown said...

The Lundmark cough-up was Anaheim.

Nuuuuugs said...

Braclet picture = Awesomeness, and Awesomness is the word. Pabst sends it over the edge.

walkinvisible said...

thanks. i'm working and therefore shouldn't be wasting time posting this kind of shit to begin with (much less looking over game notes to figure out which effing game that was). i remember now. it was a sweet pass to corey perry that ended in a little tic-tac-toe goal by bobby ryan... like, duh.

i may have missed some u's but i'm working and therefore shouldn't be wasting time posting this kind of shit to begin with (much less counting the effin' Us in your screenname). ;)

the bracelet picture is technically my single photo essay of my trip to st.louis: the "win" bracelets making their way west, the scottrade all-you-can-eat/drink bracelet (red), the city museum bracelet (blue & purple for the roof), plus the $2.00 tallboy of pbr. ie: AWESOMENESS is right. ;)

duncan said...

Don't know if I'd attribute the Dawes outburst SOLELY to the nickname, but it can't have hurt. Strikes me he's actually the No. 1 winger option on the line now that Bourque is hurt; Moss is playing the Dawes role, Dawes is playing Bourque, Langkow's just being himself.

Anonymous said...

The Oilers game is on tv, it's just going to be done by the Oilers tv crew. They're going to have to do some kind of job to beat the Flames broadcast team.

awildermode said...

clint eastwood is looking to make theo's book into a movie.

Nuuuuugs said...

wilder: Shut. Up. You cannot drop bombs like that without providing more information. It is without awesomeness. However, a Theo movie done by Eastwood would be severe awesomeness.

walkinvisible said...

so will YOU come to a blogger meetup or WHAT ?! ;) nobody else local seems to be interested.... ;)

please don't perpetuate any further calgarypuck rumours on this site. ;)
x !!

walkinvisible said...


if you google "clint eastwood fleury," you get a whole lot of listings from calgarypuck (ie: pure, unfounded rumour).

don't lose sleep over it, i don't see it actually happening.

ps: fleury is obviously aiming to play fleury, and that's what the acting classes are for. ;)

mikeH said...

I wonder who is going to play the girl in the hotel room ("Do you know that woman?"). Tom Cruise could play Theo, except he's a little too short and the wrong brand of crazy. It seems to me cocaine fueled nights at the strippers would make for some quality film. The Oscar nod awaits!

Its not really news, but I'm good for meeting up for hockey on the 23rd.

Keep passing those bracelets. :)

awildermode said...

please don't perpetuate any further calgarypuck rumours on this site. ;)
x !!

okay :P

Olddog said...

Hey WI,

Check out the Herald's feature article on Gio.

walkinvisible said...

old dog:

thanks, buddy.