Sunday, November 1, 2009

monday randoms: the myth of the all-you-can-eat arena snacks !!!

well, it's been a crazy busy week over here at hitthepost HQ with all the puckdaddy exposure, media requests, and the unenvyable task of defending my sexuality to a bunch of random strangers... ;) additionally, any longtime reader knows i pretty much avoid all things flames-related when they're losing, so i don't have a whole lot to say about this past week's events. no, wait. i do have one single thing. lately i've been calling this year's calgary flames squad a house of cards: they appear stable enough, but the slightest breeze comes in and they totally fall apart...


1. the canadian olympic team
hallowe'en activities got in the way of watching the detroit game, but it didn't sound like a very good showing by calgary's potential olympians in front of canadian team brass stevie Y and mike babcock (jaybouw notwithstanding, of course, cause he's pure, unadulterated awesomeness).... i had a big conversation about this with my family at sunday dinner and i'd say that, currently, neither iginla nor niedermayer should make the final roster, leaving shane doan to be the incumbant and rightful captain. obviously this idea wouldn't go over very well with the general public or the pundits, but if the home team wins gold, stevie Y will be considered a genius. if they win anything less (or nothing at all), he will get lynched for not including a couple of potential hall of famers on the final vancouver team....

2. that guy who used to write on here sometimes
duncan and i met up for a pint after the avs game and it was, as always, nice to see him.... he swears that when things settle down a bit at work he'll write more ---and i know he's got a few things he'd like to say.... ie: you should see some capital letters coming up soon. ;)

3. canada's boyfriend
strombo had snoop dogg on his show a few nights ago and his gizzangstaness had some pretty sweet things to say about hockey fo'shizzle (skip to about 39:20). my favorite quote is regarding how the "fast paced action and the adrenaline and the fightin" of an nhl game reminds him "of the hood on ice." ;) in other strombo news (he is, after all, the biggest habs fan i know), we were texting on saturday about the *ahem* warm welcome mike komisarek got from the fans at the bell centre, and he added "wait til they trade price tomorrow." i offered him jokinen for price but i'm pretty sure that sutter and gainey wouldn't let us finalize on that one.... in all seriousness, though, he thinks the kid's gettin' dealt. you heard it here first....

4. dion strikes out
my newest pals over at the hockey junkies took my suggestion and nominated one of the flames' for their weekly date night friday column. unfortunately, they chose the least dateable dude on the team. congrats dion, nonetheless, for joining the likes of mike green and henrik z'berg in the hj's imaginations, and i'm sorry you didn't even make it to first base.... i realize this note might make me seem like a "puck bunny", but i'm just trying to dispel the theory that i'm a lesbian. ;)

5. the show me state
i'm two days away from st.louis, which means four days away from the flames v. blues at scottrade centre. my buddy jason sent this pic from our seats-to-be, and clued me in that our section offers all you can eat snacks. uh.... SERIOUSLY ??!? i've never even been to missouri but i'm starting to understand why they call it "the show me state"... show me what snacks you've got, scottrade, and i'll show you a girl that doesn't eat all day before the game... ;) i've been assured there's nothing remotely as good as the pocketdawg, though, so i guess it makes sense: sub-par arena treats should be free...

6. the infamous scrapbook
in other non-essential news, i dusted off my old flames scrapbook from about 1987 to show my roommate this week and we had a couple of pretty good laughs about some of the stuff found within. y'know, like how john tonelli's favorite tv show was "all my children" or that carey wilson's favorite movie was "on golden pond." it was kindof refreshing to see a team who's musical interest isn't slotted almost entirely in the nickelback category, and you see the players' favorite bands span the range from jimmy buffett (jim peplinski) to van halen (joe nieuwendyk) to elton john (nick fotiu). ps: håkan loob lists his favorite food as ---what else ?? swedish meatballs.... ;)

7. hallowe'en
i was bustin on my greasers fan buddy, druz, on saturday cause he didn't know what to dress up as for halloween. "go out in a towel and you can be cogliano," i suggested. he responded, "i was gonna go as a sutter and just give myself blackeyes."

8. jersey fouls
since i haven't talked enough about puck daddy (or about jerseys) in the past few days, i thought i'd share a couple of shirts i saw at the game last week. i actually sent them to wyshynski for his "jersey fouls" bit on thursday but who knows if he'll use'em.... i honestly adore this first one, even if it is a bit of an overstatement:

and this one would have been better if i took a more time with the photo, but if you look to the left of the numbers there's actually a black dot (as in point-oh-eight):

9. the nhlpa
i thought i'd leave this one til the very end cause it's so obviously far less interesting and/or important than datenight friday and my thoughts on the final olympic team roster. according to reports, mike ouellet and roland lee are now running the nhlpa. let me point out that my spelling of "roland" with one L is correct, even though the espn story has it spelled with two... it's a FACT and i know because i've known the guy for over a decade.

have a kickass week, everyone !!
i know i will... :)


duncan said...

Good to see you too, naturally. I expect to pipe up this week, now that I'm no longer jetting across the country to work/watch hockey games. Which, as it turns out, leaves little room to blog.

Of course, there's been no need, since you've been tearing it up here.

Have fun in St. Lou.

walkinvisible said...

later this week would be perfect cause i'm not sure how much (if any) i'll write whilst cross-border.

i've been on a CUH-RAZY tear, hey ? some of my best items in the past weeks, if i do say so myself...:)

Unknown said...

Love the shirts! Gave me a morning laugh-out-loud.

See you Wednesday am.

Mike H. said...

So one of the guys in the office needs a numbered Flames jersey to settle a bet and I sent him to your buddy Blaine at North Hill. Sounds like he's the Fanattic go-to guy.

Have fun in the Lou' and bring me back a doggy bag full of free snacks.