Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the flames, by number

1. if things continue status quo, i doubt backelhinney will see game action until november 28th in columbus ---the second game of a back to back (same ol' story...). the first game's in detroit, though, so: fair enough

3. dion did not have a good game tonight. again. he kindof reminds me of the first line in the chorus of a paula abdul song.... and i don't think comparing dion phaneuf to a paula abdul song is wrong in the slightest.... ;)

4. think about this: on the trade deadline last year, we dealt defensive prospect ryan wilson to the avs (with lawrence nycholat, who we picked up off of waivers) for jordan leopold. in the summer, we turned around and traded leopold to the panthers for the rights to negotiate with jay bouwmeester.... so technically: ryan wilson for jaybouw. good trade. buuuuuuut it didn't look so good tonight....
[ps: i'm gonna have to stop saying that we got leopold for a sack of pucks...]

5. gio skates with his tongue out probably nine times out of ten when he's breaking out of the zone.... it's cute. ;)

6. sarich laid one of his best ever hits tonight just before the final buzzer, but it had nothing on the windexing he demonstrated back in the playoffs a couple of years ago [a "career hit", if there ever was one]:

7. adam pardy is from bonavista newfoundland.... i just figured you might not have heard that yet today.... ;)

8. have a safe trip out west. say hi to backlund and aulie for me. see you soon, i figure.

10: i would imagine mcG draws back in next game, both to try to punch up byfuglien and cause i bet the coach think the flames played better with him on the bench.... [hell, I'M superstitious so it wouldn't be fair to think otherwise...]

11. freddan didn't have the best game; he got relegated to the fourth line from the "first," and played about seven minutes (down from an average of about twelve-ish). also ? i've really warmed up to calling him freddan. that's how he signs his blogs....

12. december 21 is my birthday, so i'm keenly aware that the world is supposed to end on that day in 2012. mm/dd for this is 12/21, which is suitable cause it feels like bad things are gonna happen when those two are on the ice together.... hence: the apocolypse line [i would also accept the doomsday line]... it works especially well with glencross on the wing cause then it's 12/21/20(12) ....i haven't seen the movie but i figure iggy's like the john cusack character, who presumeably comes out A-OK in the end. ;)

15. brand new nickname for #15 and i think it attests to his size, AND how much of a treat he is at the 'dome: pocketdawes. (d)awesome, right ??? how did we not think of this before ??!? ;)

16. there must be some kind of pledge, by the band of zebras that inhabit the ice, to never call a penalty if the dude drawing it is wearing #16 in a flaming C. boyd gets mugged play after play, night after night and rarely draws a call. i bet this gets pretty annoying.

17. i think bourque's tilt in the last seconds of tonight's game was selfish, and i think that he'll skate extra hard for it in the morning.... cause i'm sure brent was STOKED that he had 6 seconds to tie the game and one of his top players not only spent it in the lockerroom, but the faceoff came all the way back to the flames' zone.

bourque gets two points here in 'by the numbers' cause i've been wanting to say this for awhile. i REALLY would LOVE it if the organist at the 'dome learned how to play the beginning of this song, so that at the end the crowd could yell #17's name in unison. RIGHT ?!? ;)

18. i miss you..... <3

20. in the poll on the flames website, glenX is the fan favorite to play the wing on the apocolypse line (see #12) at 28.49%. [interestingly, dawes takes second at 24.53%, even though he's never played on that line, to my knowledge].

21. he shaved the moustache and lost the mojo. wait. there was no mojo... *le sigh*.... didn't anyone explain to olli how MOvember works ?!?! there's still like two weeks to go !!!!! i'm gonna try to be nice to this jokinen guy, so i WILL say that he drew two defenders to him on the half wall tonight, allowing iggy to waltz into the slot on the first goal.... and also ? in describing jokinen today, my pops stated, "he often shows some incredible flashes of mediocrity."

22. langks did not have his best game ever but i gotta say i think he might be the best positional forward on the team. seriously, the guy is so AWARE.....

23. i think the line of nystrom, boyd, and moss (if given time to meld) could be akin to the glenX, conroy, moss line of last season.

24. best fourth liner centre in the league, i'd say.

25. shades of the dreamcrusher [note: it's from my original eponymous blog] ... mossy's been pretty effin' quiet of late. i hope it doesn't continue....

28. oohhhhhhhh, reggie.... i'm not sure if his pure suckage tonight was cause he was covering for dion's suckage, or if it was the other way around... no matter which way you look at it, re-pairing the blueliners might not be far away....

33. according to my roommate, prust didn't win a fight, he lost a cuddle match.

34. kippy had an off night, and it was still pretty freakin' good.

44. i'm still waiting for an injury on D so this guy will draw in... when he does, i hope it's on a pairing with #7 cause i think it would be rad to see a johnson-pardy matchup. i'll go to a johnson pardy !!! ;)

[*whew* !!!! that was a tough excercise....]


Ms. Conduct said...

Would a #17 SWEDISH CHEF jersey be a total fail? Or is that funny? I can't tell. Either way, I fully support your organist suggestion.

walkinvisible said...

#17 SWEDISH CHEF is a jersey foul for sure, but that doesn't make it NOT HILARIOUS... ;)

it's a bummer we won't be able to keep that guy next year... such is the way of the flames.

awildermode said...

what, no number 14? :D

walkinvisible said...

14's retired, dude !!!

Mike H. said...

Weird... McG (and his hair) were stretching and skating during the pregame last night. My pictures came out super blurry, but I can prove that #10 was out on the ice. After the game started, I was facing the bench and couldn't really see, but he must have hit the showers.

Sad to attend the loss last night. Even sadder to know that I've been banned from attending at the 'dome in the future. :(

walkinvisible said...

oftentimes, more than 20 players will take the pre-game skate, especially if there's some question as to who will draw in.

i'm pretty sure that both prust and mcgrattan warm-up nightly, even though most games (y'know, the ones where glenX isn't suspended) only one or the other will actually see game action.

plus, he's got to SHOW OFF that hairdo, y'know ?

walkinvisible said...

ps: mike ? i can't believe you didn't comment on "pocketdawes."

Mike H. said...

Sorry about that... "pocketdawes" is very not bad. I'll probably like it a lot more when my burps stop tasting like bacon & cheddar.

Also, I would be happy to join in a chorus of "borque, borque, borque" anytime. Does that mean that I can speak swedish?

Mike H. said...

Sorry again... "Bourque, Bourque, Bourque". I actually had written it in the original swedish, "börk, börk, börk" and ended up mixing the two together.

R O said...

who's #18?

walkinvisible said...

RO: matt lombardi


R O said...

Oh damn! It seems like forever since he was a part of this team. And boy it would look good if he was, wouldn't it? Mostly because Sutter would be forced to play Iginla and Langkow together.

awildermode said...

^ does sutter still have his receipt? he can get lombardi back if is returns jokinen, right?

Nuuuuugs said...

So I'm not crazy. I thought I was the only person who thought 'November's not over yet' when I saw Jokinen shaved. Hockey people are a suspiciously superstitious bunch.