Tuesday, September 15, 2009

we made it thru the summer....

....and now hockey's back !!!!!!

i didn't make it out to any of the training camp practices (aside from spending a day and a half in the saddledome events loading dock for the aforementioned bit of work, and hitting the rookie scrimmage last friday) but apparently the flames are gonna play tonight regardless.


the best things i've read in ages: this, and especially THIS; a new article that brings up the fact that mike keenan was a bit of a jerk to my boy gio (which i definitely made a point of talking about way back in april, but i'm glad i'm not the only one who remembers what a raw deal gio got from his coach).

anyhow. flames v. oil tonight at the 'dome.... i'll be watching it streamed on flames.nhl.com (which could be a fiasco, i'll let you know).


shep said...

that herald article makes me smile, old man conroy loves gio too!

walkinvisible said...

yeah.... it's nice to know that someone else (besides me) thought that losing gio was the "biggest loss of the year."