Thursday, September 17, 2009

NEWSFLASH: minny adds sykora & starts to really worry me

minnesota and their new GM have quietly built a pretty scary-looking squad during the summer months: havlat, sykora, and brodziak will join the ranks of minny's reliable playmakers like mikko koivu & PMB, and young role-players like james sheppard and cal clutterbuck.... and who knows what grey-haired owen nolan will add if he can stay healthy ??!?

on the back-end, the wild have a solid (if not fearsome) top six D, and boast one of the steadiest goalies in the league (backstrom), and have two capable nhl-calibre backups in josh harding and wade dubielewicz...

where once the games at the xcel center were notched in the win column before the flames even landed in the MSP, i look forward to this season's battles --i'm sure they will be bloody and well-fought.


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