Monday, September 28, 2009

sutter makes a bad deal

anton strålman to the blue jackets for a 3rd round pick in 2010 ?
i guess when you get something for nothing, it's fair to get nothing in return.


Greg said...

Was 'sloughing off' Wayne Primeau's $1.4M salary a bad deal? Stralman is not a bad player, but we don't need him. We've got plenty of capable defencemen and young guys in the minors to call up if they get injured. And Strals didn't have a good pre-season. I think we should have gotten higher than a 3rd round pick for him but it's better than lose him on waivers and be stuck with 1/2 his salary (which we would have been).

walkinvisible said...

i agree on the waiver situation, but at 600K/year i thought it might do well to carry seven guys on defense again like last season.

i agree that we got something (stålman/stuart) for nothing (primeau salary dump) but then to give the better bit of that something away for nothing again seems kindof, well.... sad.

RobWoolley said...

Strals wasn't terrible in the preseaon. I thought he looked better than some of the guys that made the team.

While likely not an apocalyptic trade, this was definitely stinky.

The Vaunted Flames defense looks formidable on paper. We'll see how they do on the ice and if they stay healthy. I fear that we might regret this come the end of the season.

walkinvisible said...

i'm over it, actually.