Wednesday, September 30, 2009

heat going broke

okay, i'm sure they're not ACTUALLY sans cash, but they can't even afford to make their cheesy logo look good on their webpage.... is there not a larger/better version of the insignia kickin' around SOMEWHERE so they don't need to have this 3"x 2" pixellated monstrosity adorning their site ???? i grabbed the above image straight off of

note: the opposition teams' logos look pretty fantastic, if you don't mind me sayin'....

slow news day.


Ms. Conduct said...

The Heat are having to spend all their money on travel from BFE... gotta get a cheap graphics person.

Mike H. said...

No doubt, the Heat's website is weak. I was just trying to pull up their schedule and the calendar comes up blank. I thought Vancouver was overloaded with out of work web designers? Good to see they've already racked up a win against the Moose.

Anonymous said...

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