Monday, July 27, 2009

bourque still on crutches ?!?

i guess when rene bourque came back to play in the playoffs after 2 or 3 months out with a high ankle sprain, he was nowhere near healthy.... either that or he's had more recent surgery, but here's the dude during a summer conference very clearly utilizing crutches to stand.



Mike H. said...

Wow, I looked it up and that AFN youth conference was last Thursday. Dude must have had some pretty serious surgery if he's still on crutches. Didn't they get knocked out at the end of April?

So in line with your PJ Stock crush and recent lustful swedish thoughts... After going to folk fest on Sunday and seeing her in line for the hospitality tent, I have new girl to add to my list - Emily Wells. Picture 1. Picture 2. I'd definitely let her.

walkinvisible said...

wow !!!

with all this talk about sjöström and the signing of a zillion defensemen (thereby making me hella nervous about gio's standing with the club), i TOTALLY forgot about pj stock.