Saturday, July 18, 2009

just killin' time

today's the day the boys land in cowtown....

there's no posted schedule, at this point on the flames' site, but my knowledge from previous development camps tell me that the next day and a half are fitness testing, and a bunch of briefings on such off-ice subjects as media and finance. the monday is usually goalie practices with a couple of select skaters taking shots (and noodles taking shots in the verbal sense). the rest of the week is group A & B practices and skating drills where we'll get our first look at tim erixon, and a chance to see the progress made by such guys as backlund, negrin, aulie, and nemisz. kris chucko, now into his second pro contract, will not be attending (and thus exempt from the running for the fourth annual dreamcrusher award, that will be selected by me and announced right here sometime next week).

i plan to be in attendance on wednesday if anyone wants to come with/meet up.

check out this super rad pic i got this morning, from my buddy sjc, of the current state of the sutterdome ice:


Kent W. said...

I posted this at my place yesterday.

Looks like Wed is forwads in the morning, then defensemen and goalies, then the whole team at 2:30. If Im available, I'll head down with you.

walkinvisible said...

rad. now i know.