Sunday, January 18, 2009

sunday feedback: housekeeping

i've got a lot of random mind-tidying to do today, since i've been working stupid hours and haven't had the time or energy to write much of anything....

last week's feedback poll was about blue jackets' stellar rookie goaltender, steve mason, and what kind of hardware he was due to pick up at the end of the year. presuming his stats remain consistant, 87% of you think he's a shoo-in for the calder. a further 19% think he'll get the prize for best goalie, and an a couple of folks think he'll either get hart (that would be me and one other guy), or nothing at all (7%) at the year-end ceremony. sure, ovechkin's good and will probably win the award honouring the player most valuable to his team, but i have to say that steve mason deserves a good look.

as i mentioned in a couple of posts this week, my former toronto roommate's first cousin (rich peverley) was placed on waivers by the nashville predators, and picked up the following day by the thrashers. what a move by atlanta... in the two games since, peverley has six points (1G, 5A): nearly equalling his output from the previous 27 games (9 points). i was gonna do a comparison of his icetime as well but apparently game archives (read: from more than two days ago) are impossible to find on the new

as for the flames, they certainly looked flat last night, but i still have hope they'll come out better in denver tonight. i'm sure the first period will be rough, as it always is with this group, (especially following a long night) but i'm hoping the second and third will show a marked improvement. no word if bertuzzi's back in but i will admit to missing his presence on the fourth line.
[note: i meant second line but i thought it was funny enough to leave my typo for all to read...]

keenan was on HNIC after hours last night for a segment or two, before jumping a plane to colorado, and while he said nothing outrageously mind-blowing, i did like his demeanour. it took me over a year to decide how i felt about him coming in as a coach, but i do believe you can put my name in the "for" column. i think he's done quite a solid job coaching this team.

my GIO jersey is done and as soon as i have a few minutes to rub together, i'll go pick it up. so if you ever see me sporting it around town, say hi. i'm sure i'll be the only loser with that exact shirt. ;)

anyhow. today's feedback poll is regarding hockey night in canada. i don't think anyone would argue that ron mclean is top-of-the-heap in his profession, and i think the general consensus on kelly hrudey has turned positive.... in saying that...



ngthagg said...

Mike Milbury is an ass. His habit of cutting off Kelly Hrudey in the middle of a comment really pisses me off. His attitude seems to be "I don't care what you're saying, you're wrong and I'm right!"

I hope no one votes for PJ Stock. Doing game highlights is a pretty thankless task, but his loveable idiot persona makes it mildly entertaining.

walkinvisible said...

i'm with you. i've grown to really appreciate pj.

PLUS his name is the short form for pyjamas... (added bonus).

awildermode said...

yeah, i like how pj always seems lost and clueless that the camera is on him.