Saturday, January 31, 2009

ottawa senators: idiocy

just over a month ago, i explained my take on the situation in ottawa (read: the disaster). in that post, if you're too lazy to click on the link, my theory was that bryan murray's enormous, un-shuttable trap led directly to dissention and discomfort in the lockerroom, which led directly to senators' losses on the ice (and continues to do so). today's entry is absolutely not a retraction, i'm afraid. i just had another couple of things to add....

my further comments on the subject are three-fold:

1. how the hell is bryan murray still employed ??! this is truly an aberration to me, i honestly do not understand it. over a month later and he's yet to make a player move of any sort (much less one of his superstars). i am not including trips to and from binghamton in this equation.

is melnyk delusional when it comes to murray ?!! because he's clearly confused when it comes to the state of his team.... i mean, he must be to say just DAYS AGO, "This is not an organization that's completely crippled. It needs fine-tuning, it needs some tweaking, it needs a player here, a player there, a few good bounces and that's it."

uh. WHUH ??!? whoah....
someone really needs to come in and pull the effin' plug over there.... or perhaps pulling the trigger may sound more a propos....

2. former sens' defenseman, mike commodore, apparently shared similar thoughts on bryan murray, with the columbus dispatch, to what i outlined last month. my favorite tidbits were, "Bryan Murray said some things to the media that he shouldn't have," and "I'm struggling, the team's struggling, and Bryan's telling the media that I'm a player with no hands and no ability. Then they'd come to me and I'd have to spin it somehow, or try to laugh it off."

commodore doesn't elaborate on how this situation would have made him feel, but one can presume *ahem* uh.... not good.
morale sucks --> play sucks --> team loses.

way to go bryan murray, PROOF that you're an effin' genius.

3. i look at the debacle in ottawa, and it re-affirms my faith in the club that i support. while i don't always agree with the decisions sutter has made in the past (most notably, here, is the ference/kobasew trade), i would like to believe that he's learned from them. i think what that trade proved is that, while the NHL is most certainly a business (so players will inevitably get moved), it's imperative to be emotionally invested in your teammates when you're expected to be emotionally invested in the game. on paper, calgary probably came out on top with that deal, but the loss of lockerroom favorite and iggy's best pal, ference, abbreviated the 06/07 season.

there has been a lot of talk, of late, about dealing cammalleri before the deadline to get a return on him (since he'll probably hit free agency july 1, and will command a higher salary than the flames will be able to offer). perhaps i'll re-visit this entry mid-march and call myself an idiot, but i honestly don't believe that daz will cast a line with #13 as bait. it doesn't take a genius to see that cammy's fit right in here, and that there's finally a winger for iggy to compete with. a deep run is possible with the current lineup, and to remove such a key element at this point of the year would be a deathblow....

gio jersey, ftr: 3-0-0


Anonymous said...

I agree - Cammillari seems to fit the puzzel with Iggy. While I'm not sure what he wants/will get come July 1st, I think the Flames should seriously consider giving him what he wants. Not everyone can make things happen, even with Iggy. Time to give Jarome what he deserves: a proper #1 winger.

Anonymous said...

Originally I was thinking he could get offered 6+ mill but im not so sure anymore. I think hed be worth more than some of the players making 7+ mill in free agent signings *cough*Drury but looking around the league the only team with hte available cap room and funds (becauser of the economic downturn in smaller hockey markets) is Toronto. Can Toronto really drive his price up that much? I understand hes from there but that doesnt necessarily mean he wants to play there. Im reminded of Stuart who grew up a Flames fan and left the second he got the chance; despite being offered more from the flames.

walkinvisible said...

i think cammo will test the free agent waters, cause i think sutter will give him an offer of langkow-esque size (4.5 mil). if the flames make a good run this year but dont quite get there, it's possible that cammo will sign up for one more season at that kind of dough, hoping to get a cup.

'course if he gets an offer in the 6mil range for 3 or 4 years, he'll jump ship.

i still say we can't afford to trade him this year, either way. and i hope he knows that.