Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new year !!!!

now that the hangover has subsided, i would like to wish everyone out there in readerland a very happy new year and all the best for 2009. :)

the folks over at the new york times slapshot blog have given their inaugural hockey night in blogdom group (myself included) one last kick at the can before they usher in some fresh blogger blood.

Besides your team winning the Stanley Cup, what is the most heartfelt wish you have for hockey in 2009?

Well, a fifth straight gold for the Canadians at the World Juniors would sure make for a happy new year. Beyond that, I have to hope that Mats (bless ’im) turns out to be the biggest dud in Canucks history, and that the team’s disappointment drags them out of playoff contention.

you can link to all of the other answers here, if you're at all interested in what the league's other independent bloggers have to say...

the new year's tilt at the 'dome was awesome, as it always is. it's the first game i put dibs on when the tickets are released in september, and it's always a really fun time (even though this year i might have had an extra pint or two, celebrating british new years, enroute to the battle of alberta)... hats were passed around, the iggy holler got yelled, and the folks in our section were high fiving like it was going out of style... oh, and the flames kicked the pants off those pesky oilers...

my jersey is now 9-0-2 and sadly letter-less.

i'm thinking about doing a live blog for tomorrow's afternoon game (1pm local) against the predators. please feel free to comment here if you think it would be something you'd be interested in taking part in.... then i'll figure out how to use cover it live.

UPDATE: i will definitely be liveblogging the game, so swing by !!!



Kent W. said...

I'd probably stop by for LB. Especially since the last Predator v. Flames one went so well.

Chris Kane said...

Interesting that 3 hockey wishes for 2009 said the same thing, which, if I may paraphrase, said: "no more f-in' horrible Def Leppard or similar fossilized crap at the start of the season!"

And, since it's difficult to understand most chants being made while watching a game on TV - I'm in the Maritimes and don't get to many games at the dome - could you please explain the Iggy Holler?

Finally, re. live blog...I'll be watching a WJHC semi on the tube and listening to Peter Maher call the Flames game on the www, so maybe a live blog would be a good test for my multitasking skills.

word verification: exces (!)

ngthagg said...

I won't be at home for the puck drop, but I'll try to stop by later.

I'm curious about your comments: were they a result of pure hatred for the Canucks, or simply a dislike of Sundin's desire to get a cup without playing much hockey?

walkinvisible said...

ngthagg: pure hatred of the canucks.

the iggy holler
there's some dude in section 200-ish that yells out "IGGY IGGY IGGY!!!" and the fans around him (used to be about ten of us but now sounds like it numbers in the 100s) respond "OI OI OI".

it's a blatant ripoff of the aussie chant, which is a ripoff of a cheer for a former british football guy [read the first part under "form" and then substitute "IGGY"]. i like to call it the iggy holler.

oh, and live blog game-on. come by !

Unknown said...


My biggest hope for hockey this year is a shirtless "Hockey Styxxx" calendar.

Chris Kane said...

Ripoff of a ripoff notwithstanding, the Iggy Holler sounds way cooler than Montreal's olé olé and/or na na na na. Still not as cool as NYR's "Potvin Sucks" however.

...hey, there's some fodder for a future Sunday Feedback!

walkinvisible said...

there's some fodder for a future Sunday Feedback

love it !!! though i think "potvin sucks" will win handsdown... i went to a subway series game in '05 and that chant was amazing....

duncan said...

I'm in for the liveblog tomorrow. Can't pass up a Saturday afternoon game/chat. Good times!

walkinvisible said...

ohhhh how fun an afternoon liveblog will be... :P