Friday, January 30, 2009

flames v. preds: stupidstitious

well the last few weeks have been insanely busy but i should have more time now to actually write some stuff on here. unfortunatly, i don't have a whole lot to write about.

by the sounds of it, glencross might be out with one of those pesky lower body injuries which puts vandermeer back on the fourth line and (presumeably) promotes boyder to play with lombo and moss. this, obviously, makes the fourth line weaker but might inject some energy into the third line (which has been relatively quiet of late).
[NOTE: i'm wrong. like thundercats, glenX is GO !]

other than working my tail off, i think the reason i don't have much to say, currently, is based on the fact that the flames are playing some seriously good hockey these days and are an absolute treat to watch... gone are the days of the third period collapse and (for the most part) the flames show up for the majority of the game. gone are the days where we're down a couple goals and i turn the channel, certain that a loss is inevitable. it's a pretty nice place to be....

in saying that, the perverly-less preds are a tough team to predict these days. in the game v. vancouver they fought hard and battled back from a two-goal defecit to beat the 'nucks (which was probably deserving of a loveletter but, hey --i've been busy). this resilience, coupled with the fact that the law of averages dictates that there will eventually be a flames loss, makes me somewhat fearful of tonight's outcome.

'course, i'm also fearful that barry trotz's head will one day turn beet-red and his ears will emit smoke as only a true cartoon character can. so who knows....

[speaking of cartoons, macT's quote the other day was genius, "the 10-2 game is hanging over our heads like a cartoon anvil."]

the gio jersey, which will attend it's first game in its new incarnation, is currently running a 2-0 record. in attempt to see it's effect on the canucks, i wore it through the end of the night on wednesday and really enjoyed the effect.... the downside being, of course, that the gio jersey is also boasting a 1-0 predators record....

yes, i'm stupidstitious at this point.


awildermode said...

ThunderBIRDS are GO.


walkinvisible said...

close enough.