Saturday, June 7, 2008

*sigh: only 6 weeks till prospect camp....

the New York Times slapshot blog has, apparently, not been affected by random idiots scaling the building, and they've requested a season sum up from the cast of team bloggers that still have one eye on the hockey world.

as for the cup, well... *sigh... it's such a beautiful thing. seeing it come down the red carpet like a hollywood starlet fills my heart with such joy, and watching the captain hoist it is like christmas morning.... it's just electric. kudos to 65% of pens fans for opting to go home.


while lidstrom could easily have taken the conn smythe as well, game 4's third period 5-on-3 led zetterberg directly to the MVP hardware. he seems poised to be the forsberg incumbent in my heart (forsberg... zetterberg... it seems i'm a sucker for 'berg's ... iceberg and, i suppose, pittsburgh notwithstanding).

as for sid & the kids, they very nearly summitted the peak, and it was no doubt a heartbreaker of a loss in the final seconds... marian hossa proved that he WAS worth two roster players, a prospect & a draft pick, and i would bet that, if the pens can afford him, he'll be back beside sid next season.... and at the risk of sounding like don cherry --HOLY CRAP is staalzy ever good. i find it fascinating that he is such a different player than eric or marc, though essentially takes the best bits of both his brother's games. i just love'im....

so now it's on to the NHL awards (june 12), the draft (june 20) and then straight on to prospect camp (i presume the week of july 14th).

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