Thursday, June 12, 2008

NHL Awards 2008: W. T. F... ???

so i realize that pretty much nobody cares about the NHL Awards, especially since the OV-MVP-T fiasco, but it really would've been nice of the CBC to make it look like THEY cared. this is easily the most amateurish awards show i've ever watched.... like, uh... wow. i'm dumbfounded.

the show opened to the cbc sports theme: the one you're familiar with from the olympics (and the pre-HNIC music) before cutting to stompin tom and ron maclean [who i will never heckle...ever]. after his opening monologue, he passes it over to martin st.louis to give away the pearson trophy.

st. louis announces the nominees and the winner in a single breath. no cut-to edited B-reel of the three players, no cut-to the NHLers watching live in the audience. when the next award (selke) is given out, there IS all of that bio stuff, which makes me wonder if they had some kind of technical error.... except it wasn't the only award that was given out that way. there was no rhyme or reason to which awards had a great lead-in, and which nominees were simply announced by the presenter(s). lame, lame, lame.

one awesome compilation of highlights was the "young guns" series of clips. and if they'd followed it with the calder, that would've made sense... but no. the calder was presented about 45 minutes later....

on the bright side, ovechkin & datsyuk were awesome in their acceptance speeches (datsyuk's 2nd win was extra hilarious, as he managed to explain that he used all his english in the first speech). a nervous ovechkin is such a great character.... god, i love that guy. ;) ron maclean asks him "who taught you how to win, your mom or your dad ?" ovechkins responds "both. my mom won... everything, and my dad won... me." awesome.

other things that irked me:

- mispronouncing iginla in his bio for the hart (unless iginla IS, infact, pronounced "EEginla").
- bettman announcing the lifetime achievement award winner as gordie howe, then making him stand on stage for the duration of the presentation.
- not televising the red carpet: no dion & elisha, no zäta & his popstar gf, no lundqvist in his (presumeably) high-end tux.
- martin brodeaur IS a bit of a fatty and i can't believe he beat nabby for the vezina (my favorite trophy, with the little beaver perched on top)...
- after OV won the hart, maclean did not present him with the NHL-issue Tshirt
- where the hell was NHL poster boy sidney crosby ?!?!!!!!!

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MacS said...

I don't understand the hate on Brodeur. Count me in with Mirtle, Broduer was the clear choice.