Friday, June 20, 2008

draft day: by popular request....

well, my biggest fear for day #1 of the 2008 NHL didn't transpire (lombardi for a sack of pucks), so i guess i'll weigh in on the cammalleri-for-tanguay (sortof) trade(s).

i'm a fan.

tanguay, on paper, is clearly a better player but he never seemed to live up to his potential in calgary (funny, i'm sure we've said this about a half dozen players). in cammalleri, we get a skill player with crazy good speed who could feasibly, in my opionion, play pretty much anywhere..... he's a centre, but he shoots left, so i'm guessing sutter has him pegged as a winger.

we shall see.

that's all for now. it's too nice out to sit here and write.

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awildermode said...

as much as i hate to see tangauy go, i am excited to have cammalleri. sutter should have threw in eriksson in one of the deals...for free.

also glad to see lombo is still here.