Tuesday, June 3, 2008

pens v. wings game 6 preview: being right sucks

so the NY times slapshot staff have been asking their team of unpaid interns (ie: me +29 other bloggers) for series predictions since the beginning of the playoffs. adding these numbers to the staff picks, stanley cup final breakdown went as follows:

Penguins over Red Wings
in 4 games: 0
in 5 games: 0
in 6 games: 6
in 7 games: 3

Red Wings over Penguins
in 4 games: 0
in 5 games: 6
in 6 games: 13
in 7 games: 6

i was in the majority of armchair pundits that presumed the penguins would win a couple games enroute to getting evenutally slaughtered by the redwings. detroit in six, i said.... and here we are.

"why does it suck," you ask ? well, because i was pretty amped at the thought of seeing the cup come out on monday, infront of the home crowd at the joe, and get awarded for the first time ever to a european captained squad..... after the first two shutouts i thought i was gonna be wrong (that detroit would win handily in five) and now, going into game six, i'm scared that the wings won't be able to deal the death blow (most notably due to the formidable play of M.A. fleury) ...

i'm not sure if i can take the anxiety if this series goes to seven.... and, ultimately, what do i care who wins ??!
(i've already lost my pool).

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Anonymous said...

Can't take the anxiety? Gee, Calgary air must really be getting to you now.