Sunday, October 14, 2007

two !!

i don't have a lot to say, here, except the beer at flames central is JUST like the dome: kinda average, pretty expensive, gets you drunk, and ohhh jeeeeezz, the hangover !!!! a good time was had by all, of course"'all" was just me and duncan...

7-4, though ? that's a bit of a coup if you ask me. 4 goals is still, obviously, too many to let in, but the flaming Cs potted one on the PP, one SH and 5 at ES. that's AMAZING.... i would know more if there was a stupid shift chart, or game highlights [are there no tv cameras at the sommet centre ? would the fans have to pay extra fort that ??] but here's what i gathered:

- langkow was double shifting, on the ice for the 6th goal (with iggy & tangs), but also with huselius & nolan for the 7th.
- lombardi is slick and fast on the PK and takes advantage of the bounces
- godard might be good for something other than making people bleed and taking bad penalties. and even if he's not, he's definitely making a statement about wanting to stay in the lineup....
- keenan seems to have settled on his offensive lineup, but seems very scattered, still, with defensive pairings (i presume this is because playfair is the defensive specialist). here are on-ice pairings for all of the goals last night:

1. 8/33 (PP)
2. 6/28 (SH)
3. 3/33
4. 8/44
5. 3/33
6. 3/6 (SH)
7. 8/44
8. 3/6
9. 28/44
10. 3/33
11. 6/28

HUNH ??!??!?!?!?!?!??????!!!!

congrats, anyways, on two hard-fought road wins. let's see if we can take it to the 'lanche on tuesday...

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