Saturday, October 6, 2007

the double injured goalie scenario (DIGS)

i have wondered, historically, what would happen if both the starting goalie and the backup were injured in a single game. i have mused on the possibilities but realize now that any teammate (presumeably a defenseman) would strap on the pads and pray. i know this because that's what keenan essentially said would have happened tonight if kiprusoff went out with injury...

ie: mcelhinney got hurt in the warmup (damn you nolan and your shots to the nuts)... just kidding [kidding about the nutshot, not the injury, unfortunately].

i'm not sure who the next in line is but i presume we'll see keetley back on the bench for the next game...

as for the game itself, i don't have a whole lot to say. except holy cow, does lombardi ever look so much better flanked with some real players. he had a great game... hunh ? LIKE DUH.

in other news, tomi maki scored shorthanded tonight in the quad cities' season opener. :)

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