Monday, October 1, 2007

the iggy holler

my best good friend jason sent an email today, describing how he was checking the EA sports message boards and stumbled upon this thread for NHL 09:

1 - Does your home arena have a goalie chant? What is it? What does it sound like? Do you have any examples?
2 - Who is the crowd favorite and what is the crowd chant that is used to address him? Can be more than one!
3 - What is/are the team chants used in arena during a game?
4 - Are there any playoff specific chants used in your arena?
5 - What, if any, opposing teams does your arena have chants for? What are these chants?
6 - What song or music is played after a goal is scored?
7 - What song or music is played after an opposing team receives a penalty?
8 - What is the intro that your team uses at the beginning of the game? What song plays? Are the lights on/off? Does the crowd chant anything? Are there any props involved in the intro. Ex San Jose coming out of a shark.
9 - Are there any other crowd chants that are unique to your arena? What are they and how are they used?

So here's what someone posted for the Flames:

Calgary Flames

1) Kipper... pronounced KIP PER KIP PER You guys had it right in 07
2) Crowd favorite is Jarome Iginla and when he scores or does something sweet the whole crowd goes " IGGY, IGGY, IGGY (slight pause) OI OI OI" (This would be awsome to hear as every flames fan knows!!!)
3)typical nhl chants
4)To many to even mention
5)To many to even mention
6)Typical songs... However Johnny Cash Ring of Fire is played quite often, and is allways the home win song
7)"Raise a little hell"
8)the calgary flames usually produce a media video that plays as they skate out... here is a you tube link to a a home opening flames start

This video depicts alot about the arena, things to note are flame throwers hanging over the ice, and out of the now old scoreboard. The announcer has also been the same and has the same consistant voice for over 5 years.

This is also a good video showing the flame throwers and ambiance with the announcer
Im sure the arena anouncers will not be arena specific, however if by the odd chance they are, then we also need to mention the fact that when iggy scores and its announced it goes alot like this


so there you go.... i'd never really considered what that would look like spelled out.... too funny....


MacS said...

Two songs I've noticed for opposition goals.

Mysterious Ways - u2
Carmelina - MGB

walkinvisible said...

also, though i'm embarassed to say it, "cottoneye joe" plays during every game. guaranteeed. usually sometime late 2nd or early 3rd right after some lameass giveaway by steve strachan (aka: during a tv timeout).