Saturday, October 13, 2007


it has come to my attention that in last night's 3-2 overtime victory, a square peg did, infact, fit into a round hole. congratulations, conny, you got yourself an assist on a goal scored by your pal, iggy... i'm still not sure that makes me wrong on the whole "you don't belong on the first line" thing...

after 2-goal games by langkow (v. philly, v. vancouver) and huselius (v. detroit), our favorite speed demon matthew lombardi decided to take the game home by himself last night in dallas. on his first goal, he capitalized on a bad bounce, and the second saw him scoop up a bad brendan morrow drop pass. the ensuing play on both goals had him flyin' up the left wing and unloading bullets from the circle. i haven't seen televised highlights (only internet), but it appears turco never had a chance... damn that kid is good... interestingly (though explainable by a possible line change situation), lombo found himself on the ice with iginla for the OT goal.
[also interesting: phaneuf and eriksson were on the ice as well....].

kipper may have let in yet another softy on the stars' second goal. i can't wait till he starts making the saves on those ones... then we might begin winning games in straight time.

tonight we rock into the music city, to meet an ego-bruised bunch of predators. this will be a tough match for the flames, being that that nasvhille got humiliated by the coyotes two nights ago [freddy sjostrom got two goals, for cryin' out loud... i don't know if that's ever happened before...]. they will be out for revenge, and what better way to regain some pride than by sticking it to a team that just came off of seven straight losses ??

i'm hoping that the flames will come out strong and with that extra confidence and just lay it to the preds.
(sorry amy !!!)

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