Saturday, July 21, 2007

tomi mäki: the info

yesterday, in response to my post announcing that my favorite baby flame had been (finally) re-signed, duncan wrote:

How come you never include a Maki picture with these entries so everyone can better understand why he's so great? Honestly, I don't even know what he looks like.

well, the truth is, i don't even know why i think mäki is so great, aside from the obvious WI reasons (he's a finn, his name is really fun to spell, and his nickname is "tomppa"). i just know that in rookie camp, i loved him, in the way that he reminded me a bit of a guy like theoren fleury.... and following that week, i said the following in my awards to the baby flames:

Fastest skater, most underrated player, hardest hitter, biggest shit-disturber, best grinder (according to me): Tomi Mäki.
'nuff said. i love this guy.

i thought that he played that exact same style and with the same intensity in his only NHL appearance; december 12/07 against the minnesota wild... to argue anyone that thought it was just my opinion, the flames players gave my boy mäki the all business tie at the conclusion of that victory... the guy was playing on the fourth line with mccarty and lundmark, and came away with 11 minutes of icetime.... a solid solid outing.

any other information on the guy would require learning finnish. which is totally and completely unlikely at this point (have you SEEN finnish ???). i was trying to get some juicy bits for this post, and came across an article that i started translating online... :

Mikä on naisihanteesi ja onko sinulla tyttöystävää?
- Sellanen helmi. Ei oo tyttöä tällä hetkellä.

i think it means:
that is ___________ and is it ___________ girlfriend ?
- __________ pearl. no _____ girl at this moment.

aw. he's so sweet.

anyhow, for duncan ---here's what the dude looks like:


Anonymous said...

Thanks ... my, he's dreamy. My Finnish sources tell me that the excerpt you have quoted must come from a Helsinki gossip mag, as he's being asked if he has a girlfriend, and says "not at the moment."

I do remember Maki's one game being a good one. And after this, I'm hoping he proves MetroGnome wrong and takes that 12th spot this year ... at which time you're gonna have to replace Kipper in your logo with Maki (or at least have both of 'em up there).

Kent W. said...

If Maki beats out the likes of Taratukhin, Prust, Boyd and Nystrom for a roster spot, then more power to him.

Also, if that happens, buy a lottery ticket.