Sunday, July 29, 2007

this thing is faulty

i thought it would be amusing to "find out the film rating" for my blog, mostly because i think i have the pottiest mouth of all my blogmates, but also because my mum thinks i could be a "real writer" if i toned down the sailor-talk.

well, apparently i've been a good girl lately since NO BAD WORDS were found when i did my test. it seems as though the following words are a-okay for kids of all ages:

-doin' it
-underage drinking
-drills (just kiddin')

so there you go. while ST and MG get PG & PG 13 ratings, i skulk away with a G.

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Kent W. said...

Mine got a G rating as well. Clearly that thing doesn't look too far, because I've sworn and mentioned some kind of "ass rape" more than a few times...

Steal Thunder said...

I'm sure that if we all updated our pages to show more than 7 articles at a time or whatever, it'd get some more stuff in there and boost up our rating... ; )

HG said...

i was a bit astounded to find mine only had a G rating. what the fuck?