Tuesday, July 3, 2007


ciao, lord byron. i'd wish you well, but you're playing for the canucks now. so i just can't.

buh-bye, brad stuart. sorry you weren't in calgary long enough to develop a good nickname. hope you find a nice pad in west hollywood and enjoy being a californian again. too bad you're about as far away from SJ as you were when you were here.

see ya, hammer. have fun on strombo's team. i hope you go back to wearing #44...

tony A ? big Mac ? you guys gonna sign somewhere or retire, or what ?


Anonymous said...

Somebody suggested to me yesterday that Amonte might sign with the Blackhawks. Dale Tallon just might be that crazy.

HG said...

You know, I am sad that boys are going away but I'm going to look at it this way - a new season to make up new nicknames (although I must say I set the bar pretty high with Andrea Susan).

Anonymous said...

Hey, Flames just signed a "Scandie", can't believe you haven't noticed!