Wednesday, June 27, 2007

bye bye reggie ?????

"There are reports out of Calgary this morning that Robyn Regehr may want to move on and may not re-sign after this year with the Flames. This is a very interesting report indeed...for one reason...When I first heard that Ryan Smyth was rumoured to Calgary and I asked around as to how Smyth would fit under the cap, I was told that "Regher would be moved." I was pretty shocked. I think Regehr may be one of the top five young D in the game and many Flames fans will tell you he is often better than Phaneuf on many nights. Now that reports are coming out that he wants out it gets REALLY intriguing.

What team may make the biggest pitch for Regehr? The team that I was told just yesterday that was on the verge of the most MAJOR deal...The Penguins. The Pens have some great young players and just picked up some more...Whitney +?"

okayokayokayokayokay. i can't help but think this rumour (sans the ryan smyth angle, as i really don't believe smytty will end up in a flaming C, though i can't say i hate the idea) makes a lot of sense. if regehr doesn't look like he'll sign up for next year, NOW is maybe the time to deal him for some seriously good prospects/young roster players. there is definitely a shortage of good 1/2 defensemen out there, and reggie would command a lot of return. this, of course, would totally decimate the flames' blueline --already in need of help.

back to work.


Kent W. said...

I decree you are hearby forbidden to read or discuss Eklund created rumors from now on...

walkinvisible said...

is that what it is ? it was forwarded to me by someone. i don't know what's what out there, i live in a little sheltered world and read only the blogs i have listed to the right of my page. ie: yours x3, duncan's, HG's, openice, kyle's, ST's & jason's blues blog.

so what you're saying is that the premise of reggie wanting out (and thus the basis of my post) is probably made up. got it.

thanks, MG, for your wisdom.

Dave said...

MG: The original source of the rumour is Millions via QR77, Eklund picked it up the next day.

Kent W. said...

I believe Millions was speculating on the fate of Reggie past this was subsequently picked up by and chewed on there for awhile.

Im guessing Eklund picked it off the boards and added the meat to the rumor - ie; traded to Pittsburgh for parts.

In the end it's all something that sprouted from one reporter's public speculation. It has little to no basis in reality and shouldn't qualify as a genuine possibility.