Monday, June 18, 2007

mourning timmo

not sure if you guys know this but i love the scandies.
oh. you DO know ?
right. cause i can't stop talking about 'em.... ever.

i really thought kimmo timonen would look über-sexy in a flaming C... but not sexy in the way that forsberg would look sexy or lundqvist would look sexy. i thought he'd look sexy in the way that a bonafide #1 defensman would look, paired with (say....) dion phaneuf out there on the flames blueline. the way hamrlik kinda did (although, i must admit, hammer was kinda sexy in the other way, too).

so today i hear that nashville's traded him to the flyers and i am a little gutted inside. orange is not the right colour for our boy timmo. and now i have to scan the list of free agents and note who's left that might fill the spots presumeably vacated by #4 and andrew ference (let's face it. brad stuart didn't work out. there's a gaping hole in ference's roster spot and all of us know it).


i think we're better off making a trade. for who ? no idea. but let's get tömi mäki some icetime somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure the Flames need a big offensive guy like Kimmo with Dion back there, especially if Hamrlik re-signs like I suspect. But if they do, Brian Rafalski is out there. And so is Scott Hannan right now, who I like better than any of these other guys. (And something tells me Hannan is a Keenan kind of player, which unfortunately is now part of the equation.)

leanne said...

Hannan is also a Sutter guy(TM)...

Kent W. said...

This post came dangerously close to "puck bunny" territory...

Gaping hole in Ference's spot? Hell, the Flames are rife with blueliners in the 5th/6th position. Andrew was a good guy, but he was never going to be a top 4 defenseman.

walkinvisible said...

d: i am really excited for the flames early-season losing streak to be punctuated this year by you SCREAMING about keenan.

mg: puckbunny i ain't, but i can definitely tell if a guy's attractive under the helmet. i mean that in the cleanest way possible... ;)
the way i see us right now is missing a #1, phaneuf at #2, regehr at #3, missing a #4, missing a #5, giordano at #6. i do not factor zyuzin in anywhere, even though he's clearly gonna play. let's call him #5. so we need a #1 AND a #4.

ie: we're fucked. ;)

Kent W. said...

Regehr's a legit #1 defenseman and Phaneuf is a #1 in making (#4 right now). 2 and 3 is what we're really lacking. Hale, Giordano, Zyuzin and Warrener are the motley crew that will be fighitng for positions 5 and 6.

Anonymous said...

I'm with MG on Reggie and Dion. Regehr, especially paired with the right guy, is a definite No. 1. So if the Flames get their hands on a No. 2 via tradesies/signing, hopefully its a guy who he can play with.

Warrener should be bought out, Giordano is fine as a No. 6 with eyes on the 5. Maybe someone from the farm will catch us by surprise? Ramholt, anyone?

As for my screaming about Keenan, it's going to be legendary when it's all said and done. I take no prisoners.