Wednesday, June 27, 2007

this has nothing to do with hockey...

but i sometimes get annoyed with the world, and i MUST share.

the following is part of a 3 minute clip that all sorts of north american sporty types are yappin' about. it pits the LA galaxy's superstar david beckham against the new orleans saints' reggie bush in a pleasant afternoon of sport sharing. becks tries to kick a field goal and runs a mad buttonhook play to the endzone in full gear, while bush succeeds in proving he's a whiz at american football but not the sport known worldwide as "football:"

what it appears that nobody knows is that becks met up with 2003 rugby world cup champion flyhalf, jonny wilkinson, at the end of that year to produce a very similar spot for adidas. personally, i find this one much more interesting --since beckham proves that with a little more size he could certainly crossover, while "the man with the golden boot" shows he can bend it better than anyone:

no point. prepare for the influx of beckhams on the world as we know it... dude is pretty witty, i'll give him that...
(for the record : jonny wilkinson is un-fucking-believeable)

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