Wednesday, June 6, 2007

superstitions and stats: updated

1. teams that win game one of the finals win the cup statistically more than 78% (but i'm not good at math, so i don't know how much better, percentage-wise)
2. those who touch the conference trophy continue to lose the cup
3. non-european captains continue to win the prize 100% of the time
4. for the first time in history, the cup was won in a year ending "7" by a team other than the red wings or a canadian team (who LOOKS for these stats ???!).
5. maggie the monkey has been wrong in the finals 100% of the time

that's all i've got. it's late. teemu cried and it made my heart race and i wanted to sob with glee for the mighty finn.

alfredsson, much to my surprise, threw an arm over niedermayer's shoulder in the post-game line, instead of offering the standard handshake. it looked kindof awkward, and he followed it up with some words [more words, i might point out, than "congratulations," which is what he told elliotte friedman he said... so i guess you can add "liar" to alfredsson's list of outstanding qualities].

another season in the can. looks like stanley's cup will spend a good portion of the summer back home in canadia, with the odd trip to the northeastern states and a couple stops in scandinavia (i find it fascinating, btw, that sammy pahlsson played for MoDo in his early career but frölunda during the lockout....). but i digress...

and i don't suppose that it's quite time to talk about how JFJ has re-signed antropov to a 2 year 4 mil deal that makes me really think he's actually planning to ice the EXACT SAME TEAM next year. antro is virtually untradeable at that price... which brings us back to my conspiracy theory.

that's all for now.


Kent W. said...

Ahhh JFJ. How dumb you are.

Jason said...

I think Antropov is decent player.

There, I said it. Fergie is still useless though.

Kent W. said...

Antropov isn't a 2.0M/year decent player, unfortunately. He's a 27 year old center who has cracked the 40 point barrier once and the 20 goal plateau never. He's never played more than 72 games in a season either.

2.0M for an injury prone 30 point player? The smart money is spent elsewhere.