Friday, July 30, 2010

csi: white

according to the herald, the flames have signed ian white to a one-year deal for $2,999,995.00. i'd like to call that five bucks the ol' darryl sutter slap in the face: "son, to be perfectly honest, you're simply not worth three million."

the eleventh hour settlement before a scheduled arbitration hearing means the dudes over at the NHLPA get to go for an extra-long lunch today, and that the flames are WELL over the cap. well done, darryl. the dud kotalik and staios contracts you picked up for absolutely no effing reason last year are currently having their way with your backside.... how does it feel ?

i wrote the following in the comments section over at domebeers, in response to a post querying the lack of offersheets for the diminutive defenseman, but i thought it was worth re-posting here:

- other GMs know that sutter can ill-afford to sign white to anything above 2 and would scoff at anything above 3. [editor's note: when i read the terms of white's deal, i actually thought of this exact sentence]

- a 3.5 million dollar offersheet would not be matched by the flames, and white's new home club would give up a first, second, and third round pick (what i figure sutter was HOPING for). [editor's note: the last-minute, pre-arbitration deal makes me doubly sure that sutter was expecting an offersheet, and when one didn't come he was forced to re-sign the asset. i would not be remotely surprised to see white+ dealt for parts before training camp opens: see the asterisk section below, which fully applies here.]

- if an arbitrator gives white anything above 3, odds of sutter walking away are probably 50/50. this would make ian white a free agent.

- if i was a GM, i'd probably wait it out. then you can get ian white for 3.5 and lose nothing.

**alternately, if sutter signs him at 3.5, other GMs can trade their expensive, useless, old players for him.... WAY better than dropping high draft picks.

much to olli jokinen's chagrin, the flames keep the best moustache on the team for a dollar amount that, in my opinion, is a good deal for both sides. sutter gets to maintain that the phaneuf deal was sound, and white gets to enter free agency with a couple extra mil in his pocket... i will be thoroughly surprised if either he or gio make it through next summer with a flaming C on their chests but that will be a tale for another day, to be sure....

**UPDATE: jay feaster says exactly what i said above (in different words); that the white camp were insistant that there be a 3 in the number, and flames camp were insistant that there not be. so sutter says "we'll give you 3 mil minus five goddamned dollars so that you end up essentially getting 3 mil and we end up looking like a bunch of monkeys in suits."

happy long weekend, everybody...


mikeH said...

Hey WI,

On the discussion of who our alternate team will be this year... Y'know, someone to cheer for after the Flamers skid hard into Xmas... I have a suggestion: The A-town Heat.

Think about it, they'll have some serious experience with Kotalik and Staios as the backbone (Almost $5 mil worth!). Then of course Backlund will be there most of the time, since he will be making room on the Flames roster for Ivanans and Jackman (and whoever else sucks balls that we can sign with the pocket change left under our salary cap).

Beyond that, we have all these guys we've been watching this week - Wahl, Rheault, Meyers, etc. who are getting better all the time. And then for at least a few games spread around the season, you'll get that *tingly feeling* when Armstrong steps out on the ice.

Special bonus attraction: HULKAMANIA!!!

I'm going to put in an order for season tickets. I hear they're super cheap since the local taxpayers basically pay the team's overhead anyway. Wanna go splits?

walkinvisible said...

i like the way you think, mikeH....

robert cleave said...

If a player chooses arbitration they can't sign an offer sheet(12.1.b of the CBA), so if anyone was expecting an offer sheet for White, that theory was shot to hell by early July.

walkinvisible said...

well there goes my whole theory.
oh. no. wait.... some of it's still good (like the part where white gets traded between now and deadline day).

robert cleave said...

Yup. Unless the Flames can find a sucker to take a crap contract or three, White might be vulnerable, but then again, when I see what Wisniewski went for tonight (peanuts), I wonder what player is worth anything unless equal money is going back in the other direction. I'll simply repeat my mantra of the summer:

"If you have money, you have no cap space. If you have cap space, you likely have no money."