Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 prospect camp: day 4

"uh.... is armstrong injured ?" i said to kent, mikeH, and hayley as we arrived.

"he's right there !" says kent (no doubt thinking i've presumed armstrong injured due to absence),"...but... he IS wearing a white jersey..."

"uh, yeah."

"and nobody else is wearing a white jersey..... so...uh... he's injured."

"uh.... yeahhhhhhh...."

while none of us had noticed armstrong 'taking it easy' at any point earlier in the week, apparently he's still not 100% and opted out of today's contact drills. it actually makes perfect sense: i mean, why risk injuring yourself in july when if you can injure yourself in september, when there will be no time to heal before the NHL contract (and capspace) kicks in ??

so i ATTENDED the afternoon practice today but i admit i didn't see much of it. that's what happens when you pick a fight via text message... my apologies to the blog posse for being the annoying texting chick, and apologies to dgb for being a girl.

but i digress.

mickis was the standout today and by that i mean he is really the only guy on the ice that's noticeably GOOD. everyone else has been unremarkably average, it seems, with the occasional display of brilliance (great shot, great save, great defensive move). it's a sad state of affairs, to be perfectly honest (haha) cause in my prospect camp experience, there has ALWAYS been standout guys. they're often different types of role players, but they're interesting to watch and show some potential (taratukhin, tömi mäki, dvdg, boyd, pelech, backlund). not really sure what it means that guys like wahl, nemisz, howse, and brodie aren't really strutting the stuff that we presume they all have....

anyhow. i may or may not show tomorrow afternoon. we'll see...

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