Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 prospect camp: day 2

enjoy this post, friends, cause i will be unable to attend day 3. days 4 & 5 are currently tbd.

i tripped down to the 'dome today and spent the day with kent and hayley. good thing they were there cause i'd forgotten just how boring skating drills can be.... sandwiched between a bunch of practice time were a trip to timmy ho's and a couple patio beers at the ship. those were probably the best parts of the day.... also, it was really nice to see sjc. it's been too long, mofo. dayum... ;)

not much to note from this day's events, other than the following standouts:

- darryl sutter was either cold or embarassed about his matching ensemble in the morning, as he donned a flames coaching style jacket to watch the afternoon session.

- #40, giffen nyren, is this year's jd watt and easily the most amusing guy on the ice (for all the wrong reasons). the most frequently uttered query from my cohorts: "who's 40, again ?" after a particularly bad display. also ? we called him "nyren giffen" all day because, well... i guess probably because i know a dude who's first name is nyren, and also because let's be honest: a name like giffen nyren could seriously go either way....

- i still like josh meyers after day 2, but have discovered that (at 25 years old) he SHOULD be better than the other guys...

- john armstrong is thoroughly unremarkable (other than his rugged handsomeness, of course).

- jon rheault stood out today cause he was a total keener in drills, cause he has bigger hair than mitch wahl, and because he's actually kinda good in a feisty sortof sparkplug way.

- best quote during skating drills: "poooor goalies...." ;)

- i should have figured it out but only realized today (hat tip to hayley) that the dude i thought was matt keetley is totally not matt keetley. i'd tell you his name but he won't make it out of camp anyways...

- negrin attempted the morning skate but bailed out of a lot of the harder stuff... he didn't attend the afternoon sesh.

- greg nemisz is thoroughly unremarkable.

- mickis was largely invisible today.

- wahl was noticeable only really cause of the hair:

the twins (rheault & wahl)

the other twins (irving & ortio)

that's pretty much it from me.... except i should point out that whilst at the ship for lunch, newsboy from x929 came up with a rather interesting job idea for now-former news anchor barb higgins. watch this clip (skip to about 2:13) cause anything that suggests imagining olli jokinen acting like a pro wrestler is money, in my books....


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