Saturday, October 31, 2009

flames v. wings: to boo or not to bootuzzi ?

the flames finish up their decade-long homestand (it wasn't ten years ? sure felt like it....) tonight with a game against the injury-riddled redwings. with top centres johan franzen (knee) and valterri filppula (wrist) on the shelf and a struggling starting goaltender, the once-formidable wings look startlingly vulnerable. still, they made one hell of a comeback the other night in edmonton with backup jimmy howard taking over in nets, after two absolutely inexcusable goals by chris osgood... of course, with dudes like datsyuk and zetterberg in the lineup, detroit is never more than a couple of shifts away from utter domination.

todd "sparklepants" bootuzzi will enter the sutterdome for the first time since whining about our daz not bothering to call over the summer.... well, eleven games, two goals, three assists and a team-worst -7 later, and big bert will lace up in the visitors lockerroom and take to the ice for what i expect to be a rousing chorus of boos from the C of red. the only thing stopping the flames' faithful from vocalizing their dislike of the once-power forward last season was the black C adorning his chest, and i think they will gladly return to heckling him tonight.


as for the flambés, it's starting to look like a rotating door to giordano's right and the word on the street is that kronwall will get the nod tonight. it remains to be seen if this system of alternating the 6th man will work down the road when the injuries being to mount, but it certainly begs us to continue asking why, if we still have 8 blueliners on the main roster, the hell did we trade anton strålman ??!?!

i expect dion to be in full show-off mode (which is bad) and regehr, iginla, and jaybouw to have very solid, smart outings cause stevie Y is in the hizzouse.... ;)

happy hallowe'en, friends.


R O said...

On booing Bertuzzi: no way man. He will be the best player on the ice tonight in terms of helping the Calgary Flames win.

On trading Anton Stralman: meh, the process was convoluted (trade the guy when you think you only need 7D, only to change your mind a week later and get an 8D) but the nice thing is that when Sutter decided an 8D was necessary, he got one. Big picture wise, the differences between our 7/8 D's are not going to win or lose us too many points.

From the Point said...

One should always boo that idiot. But, of course I am bias.