Monday, October 26, 2009

monday randoms: cleaning off the desktop

i sat down to do a couple of things involving actual work today and realized that my desktop is entirely cluttered with a whole schwak (sp?) of random photos of various things i thought would make for interesting posts someday.... well, today's that day and i'm gonna spit'em all out right here and now in no particular order so that i can put'em all in the trash and actually make out my computer's background (ie: the skull and cross hockey sticks that jason made, which you can see for yourself in the banner above...)

1. the abbotsford HEAT
i couldn't sleep last night so i was reading a bunch of stuff posted on their (hideous) website last night, and deciphered a few tidbits of information. firstly, according to everything that's written on there, the HEAT is an entirely capitalized squad.... secondly, it seems that john armstrong is injured yet again... that makes me truly sad cause he really looked talented in all the camps i've had the opportunity to see him, and here in this clip he makes a couple of wicked smart plays (#22). thirdly, in case you were too busy watching hockey to notice, i screengrabbed the following:

uh.... where the hell IS everybody ?!?! sure, the HEAT aren't on any kind of killer winning streak or anything, and they're new in the fraser valley, but there is virtually NOBODY in the arena for the game last week against the milwaukee admirals.... by the looks of things, the calgary flames limited partnership have GOT to be losing their proverbial shirts on this deal, here....

matt keetley is also injured, so david shantz and leland irving have been splitting the goaltending duties, and not doing a very good job of it either. in the last three games the duo have been lit up for 6, 7, and 5 goals (although it sounds that, like the big club, the PK has had a bit of a tough go)... lundmark, jaffray, backlund & chucko have been doing most of the heavy lifting up front, but it seems to me that chuckles is still taking the dumb penalties and even got involved in nice little brawl that ended with four players, including himself, getting ejected from the game last week v. the marlies (a game in which jd watt notched a gordie howe hattrick).

2. gio
this one's just short.... i don't even remember where i found this but it was from one of the EA hockey games, like NHL10. i just thought it was worth sharing cause a) i love gio, and b) it's a pretty amusing likeness:
3. irv
making a huge statement to drop the nickname "napoleon dynamite", leland irving's turning into quite the looker.... it's amazing what losing the "baby fat," a haircut, braces, and lasik eye surgery (or contacts) can do for a guy....

4. your pal wi in the 'dome
i've been compiling these for a few years now, but i thought i'd share what i insist on doing every time i'm in the bowels of the sutterdome.... well.... every time i remember, anyways. ;)

5. oh.... and there's this.
i really don't know how copyright rules work with blogs but i try to stay clear of getting in trouble as best as i can.... but here's just a photo i came across (*ahem*) last night when looking for something totally and entirely unrelated.... and is yet another reason to support the theory that i no longer hate the oil. ;)

6. nhl commercials
like i said, i couldn't sleep last night and i found myself watching a whole mess of nhl commercials. it all started because goad and i had a disagreement on fb re: pj stock and my best comeback was "but... he's so prettty..." which is one of my favorite alltime nhl spots. of course my favorite is the "myNHL" forsberg ad (cause i wish he would remind ME that the season's started). one i hadn't seen before was this gem with adam oates, and there's some other of my faves here, here, here, here, here, here, and the 'making of' here. thanks to blogger for allowing me to make links easier than i used to or i never would've done this one.... ;)

have a good monday.
duncan ? call me ! i'm around. xx


Mike H. said...

Let's start making a plan for the pilgrimage to A-town. Single-game club seats (apparently they are padded) are $38.50, but from the looks of things we could buy $15 bleeders and walk down. Their website may suck, but I'm sure the beer in the stadium tastes good.

Projecting forward, I have no idea when the best time would be, but let's grab a calendar and figure it out. Maybe there's a way to combine it with a game at GM Place and/or wearing the colours in the Shark Club.

walkinvisible said...

we're gonna have to wait til spring.... i'm still mulling over the possibility that i should spend all of next year's money and free time on a game or two / quarterfinal game at the olympics...

and i know i'm gonna have to decide soon.

Mike H. said...

No worries, quickly comparing both Papa and Baby Flame schedules there are two times (January and March) where they stack up (Abbotsford at home one night, Flames @ Van the next). Those would be pretty extreme hockey weekends, and probably don't compete with olympic quarterfinals, but I guess you only live once.

Plus, we'd need to plan time to pour back a pint of Back Hand of God Stout at the Railway.

Goad said...

This one was always high on my list.