Friday, October 9, 2009

is cumac THAT bad, or has he gotten the shaft ?

before the proverbial mud gets thrown around mcbackup's crease, i want to examine his games played last season to see if the coaching staff ever gave him the opportunity to succeed.

check it out:

in green: game 2 of a back to back.
in blue: relief game
in black: a 1pm start and game 1 of a back to back.

so, looking at this, i'd say shaft.
though he didn't look good at all tonight (but should we chalk it up to confidence based on the above ??!)

thoughts ?


Subversive said...

He's been shafted pretty hard, but he let in a TERRIBLE goal last night and didn't look comfortable in general. If he wants to be an NHL goalie I'd say he's going to need to fight through the shitty circumstances and prove he deserves. I imagine he's not going to get many more changes if he keeps looking like he did on Friday.

Lawrence said...

The relief starts aren't surprising in the least and without looking too closely, none of those should count on his record. The goalie who lets in the GWG gets the loss, not the 'finisher' and judging by when Keenan actually got his head out of his ass and decided to pull Kipper, after 7 goals for example, the game loss was basically already in the books on Kipper.

walkinvisible said...

i will admit to having cut corners with some of the more finite data, namely that in the instance you refer to, kipps probably got pulled after six, cumac let in one and then there was an empty netter (i'm guessing, here). in the relief game stats, i simply subtracted the number of goals shown in cumac's stats from the total number of goals in the final score. i figured in the grand scheme of things it didn't really matter (and i'm sure, by your comment, that you would agree).

i just wanted to come clean on that.

i'm not defending his play, nor am i suggesting he's even an nhl calibre goaltender, all i'm demonstrating here is that he has consistantly been put in a position to LOSE games, and not the opposite. this has GOT to play havoc with one's confidence and result in even worse numbers, from a sports psychology angle....

duncan said...

I think you could argue it would make sense to play your "weaker" goalie in Game 1 of a B2B, but I think the coaches are probably more likely to put Kipper in against a division rival than against Dallas, regardless of circumstances.

And, to answer your question: Yes, he has largely gotten the shaft. But I'd argue there were two unforgivable goals against Dallas. The first, I'll actually forgive him for since it was so early in his first game of the year, and anyone would overplay in that situation. The one that rolled up his stick and over his shoulder was an outrage, though.