Thursday, August 13, 2009

olympic jerseys released

obviously i'm not the first to know (i never am) and i totally will rip these photos from the icethetics website, but here's our first look at the canadian olympic jerseys:

to me, it's a step backwards from the classic hockey canada jersey (no longer allowed at olympic tournaments), which is the best hockey logo ever, in my opinion, but it's still featured as an arm patch.... i'm a minimalist, of course, so i do like the sleek, uncomplicated design and i think the font works well here.... the detail within the maple leaf is decidedly "west coast" and thus appropriate for the 2010 games. i would have been good with incorporating some black in the design, but that might be the colour of the breezers (though red is still totally possible as well).

bottom line: i'm a fan.

thoughts ?


Mike H. said...

Looks like the Herald just caught up with your article from last week:

Canada Unveils 2010 Olympic Hockey Jersey

Good scoop.

walkinvisible said...

god bless icethetics, and my buddy jason who alerted me to the info over there...


Mike H. said...

I don't know what makes me happiest about this news item:

Bertuzzi headed back to Motown

Its either the fact he's gone or that Detroit is going to be saddled with him wearing a path around centre ice. Actually, I'm sure its both.

walkinvisible said...

it's most definitely both.