Sunday, August 30, 2009

team canada jerseys: hmmm.... interesting....

according to this guy, the team canada jerseys are faulty, so if you haven't already gotten one, you might wanna wait for reebok to fix'em....

when i was at the red and white scrimmage the other night, i ran into my bro's roommate at the pocketdawg stand. he'd been sitting with a bunch of dudes from team canada who explained the following:

(photo from the above linked article)

if you care to examine it, within the large crimson maple leaf between the dude's thumb and forefinger (and just below the crossed hockey sticks), there are three rows of lighter-coloured mini-maple leafs; seven, two, and one. 7: the number of men's olympic golds, 2: the number of women's olympic golds, 1: the number of sledge paralympic golds.

i'm sure this info was probably written in a press release somewhere, or was explained upon the jersey's official release, but i found it kinda cool and pretty interesting....

that's all on a hot sunday.

i've got some stuff upcoming that may or may not prove to be interesting. we'll see how it goes but suffice it to say i'm 99% sure that rookie camp starts sept 8 with fitness training. that's just over one week away.... YAY !!! HOCKEY'S BACK !!!


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