Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bad news for the sjöström jersey....

so i found myself in new york city today near bryant park, and since nyc is kindof familiar ground, i realized that the nhl reebok store was mere blocks away ---so i thought i'd pop in. the dude welcoming people at the front of the store said "hi, how are you, can i help you at all ?" to which i responded "yeah... i've got a skill-testing question for you, and you won't know the answer."

the question was, of course, "when are the flames releasing the third jersey ?"

he had to enlist the help of another dude (apparently andrew, the flames fan in the joint, wasn't working today) who called his "nhl contact" to find out.

the answer ? "the flames aren't releasing a third jersey this year, they'll play some games in a vintage jersey, though."

"vintage ???? the FLAMES ??? ... so.... uhhh.... they're gonna wear an atlanta flames sweater ?"

"yeah, or maybe a '89 era one."

this is bunk, in my opinion.
i'm gonna consult my buddy adam (who's dad is a reebok/nhl rep of some sort) and see what he can find out, but i'm certainly un-pleased if this is the truth. i want a sjöström jersey and i can't get it in the '89 era colours....



shep said...

sweet, i love those old jerseys. you could get a loob one ? :)

awildermode said...

vintage jersey, sweet! while they are it, retire #14

walkinvisible said...

shep: word-for-word what i told the guy at the store:

"VINTAGE !!!?? but i don't WANT a loob jersey, i want a SJÖSTÖM JERSEY !!!"

you guys know me so damn well.